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Top Ten Aluminum News Stories from 2018

Despite a number of challenges throughout the year concerning issues with fair trade, tariffs, and international sanctions, the U.S. aluminum industry has remained strong throughout 2018 — especially in the extrusion and flat rolled aluminum sectors, which are continuing to see growth in response to demand for lightweighting in the automotive industry.

It’s been a great year for the Light Metal Age (LMA) website, which has been steadily growing in readership. On average, our website has attracted over 5,900 users with over 13,500 page views on average each month in 2018, showing a 26% increase in users and a 28.68% increase in page views. Over the past year, the website has included exclusive featured articles from the print magazine to news on technology and manufacturing developments in automotive, extrusion, rolling, casting, smelting, recycling, and more.

In order to highlight the kinds of quality news provided by LMA, here are our top ten most viewed stories from 2018:

  1. Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum Alloys: Augmenting or Competing with Traditional Manufacturing? by Joseph Benedyk, Editor
  2. World Primary Aluminum Production in 2017: The Beginning of U.S. Tariffs on Imported Aluminum by Alton Tabereaux, Contributing Editor
  3. Electric Vehicles Spike Demand for High Strength Aluminum Extrusions by Geoff Scamans, Innoval Technology and Brunel University
  4. Arvida Casthouse Upgrades with Revolutionary Billet Casting Technology by Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor
  5. Matalco Inc. Acquires Alexin LLC Expanding Its Aluminum Product Offerings
  6. Extrusion Productivity, Part I – Billet Geometry by Ken Chien and Paul Robbins, Castool; Chris Jowett, Rio Tinto Aluminium; and Yu Wang, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Dept., University of Waterloo
  7. Shape Corp. Acquires Aluminum Extruder Magnode
  8. Magnitude 7 Metals Plans to Reopen Aluminum Smelter in Missouri
  9. Matalco Plans to Expand with Several Greenfield Aluminum Casting Plants
  10. Karmøy Technology Pilot – World Leader in Primary Aluminum Energy Efficiency by Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor

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