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  • A family stands by an open Velux window.

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    Velux Group Takes Steps to Decarbonize Aluminum in Roof Windows

    Velux Group is a Danish company that produces roof windows, flat-roof windows, and accessories. Recently, the company has seen considerable growth, as more and more homeowners renovate their homes by expanding into attic or roof spaces. With buildings accounting for almost 40% of CO2 emissions, Velux realizes that it was crucial to consider the full […]

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    Colorful Aluminum Chain Façade Cladding Transforms Building Exteriors

    Kriskadecor, headquartered in Spain, recently expanded their product line with façade cladding made of aluminum chains for outdoor use. This customizable aluminum cladding can be used to transform the exterior of buildings, as it can be produced in multiple colors with prints, logos, and high definition images. Both the chains and the profiles are made […]

  • all-aluminum freight rail rakes

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    Hindalco Launches India’s First All-Aluminum Freight Trains

    Hindalco Industries launched India’s first all-aluminum freight rail wagons in India. The new aluminum train wagons, with components supplied by Hindalco, will support the country in its plan to modernize its freight transportation network and enable large carbon savings for Indian Railways. The freight sector in India is expected to grow at more than 7% […]

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    Angular Aluminum Center Shares Modular Construction Possibilities

    In October, architecture studio Chybik + Kristof completed an innovative Modular Research Centre in Vizovice, Czech Republic. Constructed with aluminum, the center aims to reframe ideas behind prefabricated construction. Pushing the boundaries of standard modular architecture, the new research center aims to serve as a think-tank to present new concepts and possibilities of modular buildings. […]

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    Magnesium Folding E-Bike is a Strong Choice for Commuters

    The new Fiido X folding e-bike was designed for commuters; it’s small, light weight, sleek and claims to run up to 80 miles on a single charge. The X has a unibody (single piece) aerospace-grade magnesium alloy frame, meaning that the bike’s frame and chassis are made as a single unit. According to the manufacturer, […]

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    Raider’s Al Davis Memorial Torch Clad in Aluminum is World’s Largest 3D-Printed Structure

    By Rose Eaton, Light Metal Age. The Al Davis Memorial Torch is an impressive 3D structure newly installed at the Raider’s Allegiant stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Constructed to commemorate the team’s influential late owner, the nine-story-high torch was constructed of 225 3D-printed blocks made of carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate, each weighing approximately 350 lbs. The […]

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    MAADI Group to Manufacture Aluminum Bridge Decking for 63 Ton Vehicles

    MAADI Group was awarded a contract through Construction Bressau Inc. to finalize the fabrication of a new fusion-welded aluminum bridge deck system for the transport ministry in Quebec, Canada. With this contract, MAADI will become the first Canadian manufacturer of aluminum bridge decking for 63-ton vehicles, commonly known as CL-625. “We’re very pleased that we were chosen […]

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    MIT Develops New Aluminum-Sulfur Battery Concept

    As the world moves toward more sustainable power systems, such as wind and solar, there is a growing need for economical, large-scale battery backup systems that can provide power when sun and wind are blocked or unavailable. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery on the market. However, they are currently too expensive for […]