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  • Brazil Can Customer Solution Center

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    Novelis Opens Aluminum Beverage Can Customer Solution Center in Brazil

    Novelis Inc. opened its Customer Solution Center (CSC) for the beverage packaging market in São José dos Campos, Brazil. The center will focus on advancing aluminum beverage can innovation and sustainability solutions in response to growing market demand. “The beverage business is in growth mode, and aluminum is quickly becoming the material of choice for […]

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    Penrhos Spirits Embraces Aluminum

    Penrhos Spirits, Herefordshire, U.K., is revamping their line of award-winning spirits by making the switch from glass packaging to 100% recycled, reusable aluminum containers. As part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability and improving its carbon footprint, the Penrhos team decided that using aluminum bottles would provide customers with a more sustainable option. The company’s […]

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    Ball Expands Its Range of Recyclable Aluminum Cups

    Ball Corporation announced the availability of two new sizes of its infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup®, which will broaden the opportunity for venues and vendors to offer consumers a range of sustainable cup options. “It has been inspiring to see continued excitement and growing demand for the Ball Aluminum Cup® since we first introduced the […]

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    A Brief History of the Aluminum Canoe

    By Rose Eaton, Light Metal Age. The aluminum canoe has its place in the hearts of many Americans, who enjoyed childhood summers on rivers or lakes, paddles clanging against the warm metal boat, soaking up the rays of the sun. If they ever wondered why the canoes were made of aluminum, it was partially due […]

  • A family stands by an open Velux window.

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    Velux Group Takes Steps to Decarbonize Aluminum in Roof Windows

    Velux Group is a Danish company that produces roof windows, flat-roof windows, and accessories. Recently, the company has seen considerable growth, as more and more homeowners renovate their homes by expanding into attic or roof spaces. With buildings accounting for almost 40% of CO2 emissions, Velux realizes that it was crucial to consider the full […]

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    Colorful Aluminum Chain Façade Cladding Transforms Building Exteriors

    Kriskadecor, headquartered in Spain, recently expanded their product line with façade cladding made of aluminum chains for outdoor use. This customizable aluminum cladding can be used to transform the exterior of buildings, as it can be produced in multiple colors with prints, logos, and high definition images. Both the chains and the profiles are made […]

  • all-aluminum freight rail rakes

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    Hindalco Launches India’s First All-Aluminum Freight Trains

    Hindalco Industries launched India’s first all-aluminum freight rail wagons in India. The new aluminum train wagons, with components supplied by Hindalco, will support the country in its plan to modernize its freight transportation network and enable large carbon savings for Indian Railways. The freight sector in India is expected to grow at more than 7% […]

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    Angular Aluminum Center Shares Modular Construction Possibilities

    In October, architecture studio Chybik + Kristof completed an innovative Modular Research Centre in Vizovice, Czech Republic. Constructed with aluminum, the center aims to reframe ideas behind prefabricated construction. Pushing the boundaries of standard modular architecture, the new research center aims to serve as a think-tank to present new concepts and possibilities of modular buildings. […]