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  • AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual

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    AEC Releases Updated Aluminum Extrusion Manual

    The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has updated the Aluminum Extrusion Manual — one of the most important and popular resources on the AEC website. The manual is designed to be a resource for designers and engineers to learn more about the aluminum extrusion process; discover how to optimize profile designs; and find technical information on alloys, finishes, […]

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    Fundamentals of Casthouse Safety – Online Training Module Now Available

    Online Training As a component of its molten metal safety leadership, the Aluminum Association released a 40-minute online training module titled “Fundamentals of Casthouse Safety” for educational use. This training was developed from a presentation on the topic originally given at the 2017 ALUMINUM USA trade show. This module is designed to provide an introduction […]

  • The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum by Jude Mary Runge

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    Book Review: The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum

    The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum: Connecting Science to Practice Author: Jude Mary Runge Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG (2018) Review by Joseph C. Benedyk, Editor As a recognized international expert on nonferrous metallurgy, Jude Mary Runge, Ph.D., has devoted her career of some 30 years to surface science and most particularly to the metallurgy of […]

  • European Aluminium-Environmental Report

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    European Aluminum Industry Strongly Improves Environmental Performance

    According to the new Environmental Profile Report, released by European Aluminium, the European aluminum industry continues to greatly improve its environmental performance by substantially reducing its carbon footprint across the entire aluminum value chain. “The report demonstrates that the industry is delivering on its aim to realize the industry’s greenhouse gas reduction potential towards 2050 […]

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    Metric Version of Aluminum Standards & Data 2017 Now Available

    The Aluminum Association released the latest metric version of its longest-running and most popular publication, Aluminum Standards and Data Metric (SI) 2017. The Association released its U.S. Customary Edition earlier in the year, which was reviewed by Light Metal Age. Aluminum Standards and Data is an indispensable book for anyone who works with aluminum, as it […]

  • aluminum casting

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    ARTICLE: 2017 Molten Metal Incident Report

    The Aluminum Association just released the 2017 Molten Metal Incident Report covering calendar year 2016. The report highlights the predominant hazards that result in explosions during molten aluminum management worldwide, incorporating roughly 300 aluminum plants in 20 countries. Though not a statistical representation of the industry due to the fact that incidents are voluntarily reported, […]

  • Aluminum Upcycled

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    Book Review – Aluminum Upcycled: Sustainable Design in Historical Perspective

    Aluminum Upcycled: Sustainable Design in Historical Perspective Author: Carl A. Zimring Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press (©2017) Reviewed by John A.S. Green With the very first sentence, “Waste is a product of design,” the reader is put on notice that Aluminum Upcycled is different. Thorough, well-researched, and thought provoking, the book is also timely because […]

  • 2016 Aluminum Statistical Review

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    Aluminum Demand Shows Seventh Straight Year of Growth

    Aluminum demand in the U.S. and Canada totaled 26.4 billion pounds in 2016 (an increase of 2.6% from the previous year), representing the seventh straight year of consecutive demand growth, according to the 2016 Aluminum Statistical Review. The review, published by the Aluminum Association, includes statistical information on all aspects of the aluminum value chain through 2016. Aluminum […]