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    Kobe Steel and FANUC Jointly Develop Robot to Join Dissimilar Metals

    Kobe Steel and FANUC Corporation jointly developed an experimental robotic welding system to join dissimilar metals — such as aluminum and high strength steel — amid the growing trend toward multi-material applications aimed at utilizing the optimal material for the most appropriate use. The companies plan to present the system to automakers in order to commercialize […]

  • Friction Stir Dovetailing

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    New Dovetail Process Joins Aluminum to Steel for Lightweight Combat Vehicles

    Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have developed and successfully tested a novel process — called friction stir dovetailing — that joins thick plates of aluminum to steel. The new process will be used to make lighter-weight military vehicles that are more agile and fuel efficient. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the […]

  • Sonaca Montreal - new gantry mill

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    Sonaca Montreal Expands Capacity with State-of-the-Art Vertical Gantry Mill

    Sonaca Montreal started up operation of a new high speed, technologically-advanced 5-axis gantry mill at its fully integrated manufacturing operation in Mirabel, Quebec. The 240,000 sq ft facility provides machining, forming, surface treatment and assembly capabilities for the production of large aluminum aerostuctures up to 60 ft (18 m) in length. Its core products include wing and empennage skins, stringers, spars, […]

  • Alcoa RSR

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    Alcoa Develops Innovative Joining Technology for Lightweight Vehicles

    Responding to the growing industry trend towards multi-material part design, Alcoa has developed an advanced new joining technology. Resistance spot riveting (RSR™) was developed join dissimilar materials (aluminum, high strength steels, magnesium, and composites) using the same equipment implemented for conventional spot welds, providing automakers the flexibility to switch between RSR and conventional welds, depending on […]


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    Metal Bonding Process Fuses Aluminum and Copper into a Hybrid Material

    Different metals have their own individual conductive properties for electric current and heat. Aluminum is one of the best performing metals for both purposes. Copper is an even better conductor, however it is much heavier and significantly more expensive. DODUCO GmbH, based in Pforzheim, Germany, has been focused on developing ways of combining both materials in order […]

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Laser Bonding

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    Oak Ridge Uses Lasers to Bond Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

    Joining aluminum and carbon fiber composites for lightweight cars and other multi-material high-end products could become less expensive and the joints more robust because of a new method that harnesses a laser’s power and precision. The process, developed by a team led by Adrian Sabau of the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), […]

  • Tooling U-SME Welding Class

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    New Online Welding Training Classes

    The welding industry will face a shortage of 290,000 operators by 2020, primarily due to the aging population of current welders and a skills gap of qualified employees to fill open positions. In order to meet the rising demand for skilled welders, Tooling U-SME partnered with Lincoln Electric to released a series of online welding […]

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    Eliminating Defective Fasteners with High Resolution, 3D Inspection Equipment

    By Del Williams. From automotive, trucking, and heavy equipment to aerospace, agriculture, and high-volume appliance/electronics, manufacturers looking to reduce weight (or for cost savings) have turned to lightweight materials like aluminum, magnesium, plastics, and zinc. The associated joining demands require zero defects from fastener manufacturers, as production speed and quality depends on them. While fastener […]