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  • magnesium ingot

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    Latrobe Magnesium to Develop New German Magnesium Plant

    Latrobe Magnesium Limited (LMG) signed a term sheet with RWE Power AG for the development of a new magnesium plant in Germany, with up to 30,000 tpy of production. The magnesium will come from brown coal fly ash from coal mined at RWE’s Hanbach mine and processed through their supercritical brown coal power station near Cologne, Germany. […]

  • magnesium test sample

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    Nevada Clean Magnesium Produces Preliminary Magnesium Metal

    Nevada Clean Magnesium, Inc. achieved preliminary production of magnesium metal from its bench-scale pilot furnace located in Northern British Columbia, Canada. The magnesium metal is a result from a partial test charge the company is conducting in order to identify any operational deficiencies prior to a full charge of dolime material. The charge contains dolomite […]

  • ShAPE - magnesium

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    New Extrusion Process for Manufacturing Magnesium Car Parts

    Magnesium is 75% lighter than steel and 33% lighter than aluminum. As the lightest of all structural metals, magnesium has a lot of potential for lightweighting cars and trucks in the aim of improving fuel economy. However, auto makers have been challenged in their attempts to incorporate magnesium alloys into structural car parts. The Department […]

  • magnesium sheet test

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    New High Strength Magnesium Sheet has Formability Comparable to Aluminum

    The National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) have developed high strength magnesium sheet with excellent room-temperature formability comparable to that of aluminum sheet currently in use in the body panels of some automobiles. The new alloy is said to become stronger than the aluminum alloy after a heat treatment […]

  • IMA Sankey Diagram

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    IMA Publishes Flow Analysis on European Magnesium Recycling

    The International Magnesium Association (IMA) announced the findings of a comprehensive material flow analysis of magnesium in the EU for the year 2012. The report, Magnesium Recycling in the EU (pdf), was prepared during the first half of 2017 by Oakdene Hollins on behalf of the IMA and was based on valuable input received from both […]

  • A lightweight magnesium alloy electric bus

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    IMA Announces 2017 Awards of Excellence

    Members of the International Magnesium Association (IMA) honored their peers with a series of awards, which were handed out at the 2017 World Magnesium Conference held May 23-25 in Singapore. A host of industry leaders attended the three-day conference and were on hand to congratulate award recipients. Honors annually bestowed by the IMA include four […]

  • alliance magnesium

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    Alliance Magnesium Produces First Ingot

    Alliance Magnesium Inc. produced its first metal magnesium ingots at its Danville demonstration plant in Quebec. This comes after four years of technological development, design, and construction of a pilot plant, which started in October 2015. The ingots, which are now produced on a regular basis, are used to validate the manufacturing process developed by […]

  • Randy Chalmers, Meridia, and Professor Hanifa Shah, Birmingham City University.

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    University Aims to Showcase Magnesium as Viable for Automotive and Aerospace

    Birmingham City University in the U.K. formed a strategic alliance with Meridian, the world’s largest producer of magnesium components, with the aim of showcasing magnesium as a viable alternative for luxury car makers and the aerospace industry. The two organizations will work together in the education, research, and development of magnesium use, which will place fuel efficiency through […]