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Light Metal Age provides a broad portfolio of advertising products in both our print and online platforms.

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Print Advertising

Online Advertising

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January 2024 1/3 1/10
February 2024 2/7 2/14
April 2024 4/3 4/10
Master Directory 2024 5/10 5/17
June 2024 5/22 5/29
August 2024 7/10 7/17
October 2024 9/4 9/11
December 2024 11/13 11/20

Rates: Download gross print advertising rates. (Print Advertising Rates & Specifications PDF). For information regarding advertising rates, please contact Ann Marie Fellom at

Web: Some advertising is available on the Light Metal Age website. Download web advertising information (Online Advertising Rates & Specifications PDF). For information contact Ann Marie Fellom at

Inserts: Must be furnished ready for binding, requiring no backing up or tipping in. Rates on request. Check with publisher on all inserts as to size, quantity, weight, and shipping instructions. Send sample.

Ad Composition/Changes or Additions: Advertisers will be charged a minimum half hour rate of $87.50. All changes subject to advertiser’s approval.

Special Positions: Rates on request.

Short Rates: Advertisers will be short rated if, within a 12-month period, they do not use the amount of space upon which their billings have been based.


No cash discount is offered.

Accepted payment options are: bank wire transfers, check, credit card, and direct deposit.  Only checks drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars or an International Money Order payable directly to the Light Metal Age bank account are acceptable (details provided separately). Direct deposits or bank wire transfers require an additional $20.00 to cover bank charges.

COPY AND CONTRACT REGULATIONS: Cancellations may be made up to but not after the ad material deadline.

MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS: Publication trim size is 8.25 X 11.125 inches. Type size is 7 X 10 inches. Three columns, each 2.25 inches wide.

Width x Depth Width x Depth
1 page 7 x 10 inches (177.8 x 254 mm)
2/3 page 4.625 x 10 inches (117.48 x 254 mm)
1/2 page 7 x 4.875 inches (177.8 x 123.83 mm) 3.4375 x 10 inches (87.31 x 254 mm)
1/2 page Island 4.625 x 7.5 inches (117.48 x 190.5 mm)
1/3 page 2.25 x 10 inches (57.15 x 254 mm) 4.625 x 4.875 inches (117.48 x 123.83 mm)
1/3 page Square 4.625 x 4.875 inches (117.48 x 123.83 mm)
1/4 page 3.375 x 4.875 inches (85.73 x 123.83 mm)
1/6 page 2.25 x 4.875 inches (57.15 x 123.83 mm)

Bleed Page Size: 8.5 x 11.375 inches (215.9 x 288.925 mm)

Trapping: 0.003″ (0.216 pt)

Printing: By offset (sheet fed).

Binding: Perfect and/or Saddlestitched.

Inserts: Should provide a folded lip 3 inches beyond and along the length of the backbone to allow for saddlestitch binding. 1/8 inch head trim is needed. Insert size as folded should be 8.625 x 11.5 inches. This allows for trim to 8.25 x 11.125 inches. No lip is necessary for inserts placed in perfect bound issues.

Ad Material Storage: Ad materials are stored for 1 year then destroyed unless otherwise requested in writing.

Shipping Instructions: Digital files and insertion orders should be sent via email to

AD FORMAT REQUIRMENTS: Send digital ads as high resolution PDF files. Images should be at least 300 dpi. Send the ad via email as a zipped or compressed file. Files under 10 MB can emailed to Files over 10 MB should be sent via Dropbox or similar file transfer service.

ISSUANCE AND CLOSING DATES: Issued bimonthly as published. Closing dates may vary according to issue. Call for exact closing dates.

CIRCULATION INFORMATION: Circulation is international, with a focus on aluminum, as well as some magnesium and associated nonferrous industries in the U.S. and throughout the world. Circulation goes to primary production plants, smelters and secondary reduction plants and to semi-fabrication plants, extrusion plants, rolling mills, billet and ingot casting operations, wire and rod mills, forging, die casting, permanent molding, anodizing and coil coating operations. Recipients are executives, presidents, general managers, technicians, metallurgist, chemists and engineers responsible for fabrication, production and operation in light metal plants.

MISCELLANEOUS: Light Metal Age was established in 1943. It is published by Fellom Publishing Company.


The Light Metal Age website reaches 15,700 visitors per month on average, with 29,400 page views per month.

Home Page Ads

Sidebar Banner – Square
300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall
Run of the Site
Run of the Site – Maximum of 12 sponsors in rotation.

970 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall
Homepage – Maximum of 3 sponsors in rotation.

728 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall (max)
Run of the Site
Run of the Site – Maximum of 3 sponsors in rotation.

Article Page Ads

Ad spaces are available at the bottom of every article/news post.
300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall
Maximum of 6 sponsors in rotation.

All rates are the gross rate. Payment required in advance.
Formats: jpg, gif, and png image formats (gif animation is acceptable).
File size: under 500 kB

Email Newsletter Ads

Aluminum Bulletin is a newsletter published twice monthly and emailed to over 4,500 subscribers in the aluminum industry from around the world, alerting them to new and valuable content available on our website.
Ad Sizes: 600 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall
Price: $450/newsletter

Marketplace Listings

Marketplace is a resource for supplier news and interviews, company focused seminars, job recruitment, and more. Posts remain online indefinitely, unless otherwise specified.  These listings are Free and are included only upon approval of the editorial staff.