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  • Ready for space – and ready for industrialized AM production: The 3D-printed aluminum antenna cluster for next-generation communication satellites, made to orbit the earth.

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    Airbus Signs Contract with Oerlikon for 3D-Printed Aluminum Components for Satellites

    Airbus and Oerlikon AM have successfully industrialized the additive manufacturing (AM) process for complex serial production of 3D-printed aluminum components. These antenna clusters will be used in communication satellites, which will soon be orbiting the earth. This achievement has resulted in a €3.8 million contract to additively manufacture these satellite components. Advanced technologies like additive manufacturing […]

  • EGA-Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre

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    EGA’s CelestiAL Solar Aluminum to Reach the Stars in New Commercial Satellite

    Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) signed an agreement with Gulf Extrusions and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) to send CelestiAL aluminum produced from solar power into space. The metal will be used to produce extruded components for MBRSC’s MBZ-SAT, the region’s most advanced commercial satellite in the field of high-resolution satellite imagery. “At EGA, we […]

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    Relativity Space Develops Reusable Launch Vehicle Using 3D-Printed Aluminum

    Relativity Space, a company dedicated to building humanity’s multi-planetary future, revealed plans for the Terran R, a reusable medium-to-heavy lift orbital launch vehicle made from 3D-printed aluminum. This development builds on the company’s seven years of experience developing its Terran 1 program — the world’s first 3D-printed aluminum rocket to fly and reach space. “Our […]

  • Image of a jet in the blue sky

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    Solar Atmospheres Achieved Nadcap Merit Status

    Solar Atmospheres announced that its facilities in Michigan and Western Pennsylvania were recently awarded Nadcap Merit status for vacuum heat treating and brazing by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). The Merit status acknowledges the company’s strict adherence to specification requirements, allowing them to reduce their audit frequency to every 24 months (rather than 18 months). All […]

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    Constellium to Supply Flat Rolled Aluminum for Aircraft Components

    Constellium SE entered into a multi-year contract with Daher, through which the company will supply a wide range of flat-rolled aluminum products from its facility in Issoire, France. The aluminum will be used in lightweight aircraft, particularly the TBM and Kodiak models. By becoming strategic aluminum supplier for Daher, Constellium is able to expand its […]

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    Aluminum Reaches for the Moon

    On November 16, 2022, NASA kicked off its Artemis I mission at the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, FL, with the lift off of its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket carrying the uncrewed Orion spacecraft. The Orion craft completed its journey around the moon and successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on December […]

  • manufacture of lightweight aerospace components

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    AMRC Trials Sensor Technology for Aerospace Lightweight Materials Manufacturing

    The Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield in the U.K. completed a series of trials of smart machining processes. The trials involved the implementation of specialized sensor units on existing machine tools that are used to produce lightweight structural airframe components. The trial was focused on two main goals. First, the […]