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  • AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual

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    AEC Releases Updated Aluminum Extrusion Manual

    The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has updated the Aluminum Extrusion Manual — one of the most important and popular resources on the AEC website. The manual is designed to be a resource for designers and engineers to learn more about the aluminum extrusion process; discover how to optimize profile designs; and find technical information on alloys, finishes, […]

  • Alcoa Warrick aluminum smelter

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    World Primary Aluminum Production in 2017: The Beginning of U.S. Tariffs on Imported Aluminum

    By Alton Tabereaux, Contributing Editor. Production by Country As prices generally increased throughout 2017, world primary aluminum production increased 3.4% compared with the previous year (Table I). China is the world’s largest producer of electrolytic aluminum, making up over half of the global output. The terminal consumption of electrolytic aluminum in China is mainly concentrated in […]

  • JW Aluminum expansion

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    JW Aluminum Expanding Its Flat Rolled Aluminum Plant in South Carolina

    JW Aluminum began the expansion of its Mount Holly flat rolled aluminum plant in Goose Creek, South Carolina, which will enable the company to increase capacity by 175 million lbs of flat rolled aluminum. This project will greatly enhance JW Aluminum’s capabilities to serve its primary end markets, including building and construction, HVAC fin stock, […]

  • SECO-Warwick-coil annealing

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    Coil Annealing Webinar Focuses on Increasing Profits

    Jack Mahoney, Coil Annealing product manager for SECO/WARWICK Corp., is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 28th, entitled “Aluminum Coil Annealing: Swirling Air = Higher Profits.” This 30-40 minute webinar will focus on how present the case for why swirling air can lead to higher profits, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Description: “When it […]

  • Hatch IRTC

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    IRTC – Leading Course on Aluminum Flat Rolling

    In October 2018, Hatch will conduct the 41st International Rolling Technology Course (IRTC) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. IRTC is a world-leading course for the flat rolling process which provides the opportunity for industry professionals to engage in discussion groups, tutorials utilizing advanced process simulation tools, and lectures presented by highly experienced rolling mill experts. This exceptional […]

  • Sierra Aluminum

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    ARTICLE: Sierra Aluminum Implements Casting Pit Upgrades for Improved Billet Quality

    Based in Riverside, CA, Sierra Aluminum is a 100% employee-owned extrusion company that manufactures standard and custom extrusions on seven UBE presses—two 7 inch presses, four 8 inch presses, and one 9 inch press. Downstream of the presses, Sierra has two paint lines, a modern anodizing line, and fabrication capability to supply a wide customer […]

  • Roll-A-Cover

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    Winners of the 2018 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Highlight the Advantages of Extrusions

    The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) and the ET Foundation announced the winners of the 2018 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition at the Extrusion Design University (EDU ’18) event held May 15-17 in Chicago, Illinois. A total of seven extrusion designs that showcased the versatility and advantages of products using aluminum extrusions were recognized with a total […]