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Taber Extrusions Expands Its Fabrication Capabilities with New CNC Machine

Taber aluminum extrusions - fabrication - Haas VF-12 CNC vertical machining center

Taber Extrusions is continuing to invest in technologies that enable it to provide a broad set of capabilities to the extrusion industry. Among these capabilities is the installation of a new CNC machine at its facility in in Russellville, AR. The new machine is designed for the processing of long aluminum extrusion profiles.

The new Haas VF-12 CNC vertical machining center features a 150 x 28-inch table that can be loaded with up to 4,000 lbs of base material, which will be processed by a high-power, direct-drive spindle equipped with programmable lubrication and coolant hoses. The tooling is capable to traveling up to 150 inches on the x-axis, 32 inches along the y-axis, and 30 inches along the z-axis. This enables the extruder to precisely process long profiles within the machine, cutting down on processing times and costs.

The VF-12 also includes internal, automatic tool change capacity (30+1), which helps the machine to maintain consistent precision and effectiveness.

The new CNC machine is also entirely customizable. Everything from tool selection to RPM, feed rate, and coolant flow can be altered to work on different alloys and acquire perfect aluminum extrusions. “This VF series CNC machine allows our top engineers to design final extrusion shapes on specialized software, and then have them made inside of this ‘self-contained factory,’ all in one precise and effective process,” noted Taber.

With the installation of this new machine, Taber Extrusions believes that it is aligning itself as an industry leader capable of providing a broad range of available capabilities. “HAAS CNC machines are the cutting-edge of manufacturing prowess and contain several lifetime’s worth of know-how in material engineering, programming, software, and manufacturing,” said the extruder. “When a company [installs] a Haas VF-12, it’s a guarantee that the company has hired and developed top talent who will operate these complex CNC machines, without whom the full potential of the VF-40 could never be extracted.”

Taber has a company strategy focused on continued improvement, with the aim of serving customers in the automotive, defense, transportation, and marine industries, and beyond. Previously, the company installed a new friction stir welding (FSW) line in Russellville in 2019 and acquired a business capable of manufacturing micro-extrusions in 2018.

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