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    Primary Aluminum Production Solutions

    “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” — Denis Gabor, Nobelist and author of Inventing the Future (1963) Editor’s Note: In the first of some 22 US patents granted to Charles Martin Hall for his invention of the aluminum electrolysis process, he basically claimed an inert anode “formed of copper, platinum, or […]

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    February 2023

    Cover Hydro Sunndal in Sunndalsøra, Norway, is the largest primary aluminum plant in Europe. Three branches of Hydro co-exist at the site, including the smelter, R&D center, and Hycast AS. This competence triangle of support and technology forms an interdependent feedback loop of science, innovation, and production. See story beginning on p.54. Articles Tables/Primary Aluminum […]

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    Aluminum Rolled Product Applications and Technology

    Editors Note: Aluminum and its alloys are passed through hot and cold rolling mills throughout the world to make thinner and longer products in the direction of rolling for a variety of applications in a range of lengths, thicknesses, and widths. In the rolling process, the aluminum slab may end up as either a hot […]

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    December 2022

    Cover An aluminum foil separation machine at Assan Alüminyum in Turkey, one of the largest foil producers in Europe. The company recently announced a number of sustainability strategies that include investments in new equipment for future growth. See article on page 6. Articles Assan Alüminyum’s Sustainability Strategy Targets All Aspects of Business Page 6 Impol […]

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    Aluminum in Transportation

    Editor’s Note: Constantly changing, constantly innovating, the transportation industry relies on aluminum and every other materials group in manufacturing their products, which today move us speedily across land, sea, air, and even into space itself. All told, in 2021, transportation represented the biggest global aluminum market share with some 32% of all primary or secondary […]

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    October 2022

    Cover Aluminum profiles on the runnout table of the new 25 MN, 8 inch extrusion line installed by General Extrusions Inc. at its facility in Youngstown, OH. The highly automated new line enables the company to modernize its operations. The line more than doubles the company’s current capacity, ensuring its continued success in the years […]

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    New Developments in Aluminum Rolling, Heat Treatment and More

    US11400498 — CROSS ROLLING MILL — SMS Group GmbH (Germany) — A cross-rolling mill, comprising: a plurality of roll shafts (1), each having a rotary bearing and applying a radially directed rolling force to a workpiece, wherein an orientation of a roll axis (w) of at least one of the roll shafts (1) is adjustable […]

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    August 2022

    Cover End-of-life autos ready for shredding and recycling. (See article on page 38) Articles World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review By Rudolf P. Pawlek Page 6 Addressing the Problem of Greenwashing in the Aluminum Industry By Subodh Das and Martin Hartlieb Page 18 Aluminum Insights’ Support and Service: Seamless Collaboration between Extruder and Customer Page […]