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    Aluminum Recycling and Recovery Technologies

    Editor’s Note: Positive environmental and commercial considerations have driven the rapid rise of secondary aluminum in achieving about a third of global aluminum consumption today. Data from the Aluminum Association and the International Aluminum Institute indicate that recycling aluminum uses 90-95% less energy compared with primary aluminum and ~75% of all aluminum ever produced since […]

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    August 2023

    Cover Hydro, in collaboration with Hydro Havrand and Fives, recently completed a successful test regarding the use of hydrogen in an aluminum melting furnace. Nippon delivered the hydrogen for the test, with the hydrogen being delivered from trailers via four high-pressure hoses to the pressure reduction skid (Skid 0), a process that was monitored by […]

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    Additive Manufacturing of Light Metal – Part II

    Editor’s Note: Part II supplements the International Patent Calendar published in October 2021 on “Additive Manufacturing of Light Metals.” This second version covers selected U.S. patents on the subject that were published more recently. The rapid pace of invention in additive manufacturing (AM) worldwide is due not only to the rapid prototyping of complex shapes […]

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    June 2023

    Cover The all-new Megane E-Tech electric SUV introduced by Renault Group was designed with a circular economy approach in mind. The company worked with suppliers to optimize resources, utilize recycled materials, and ensure high recyclability at the end-of-life. This includes the development of a closed-loop aluminum program with Constellium for the aluminum closure components on […]

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    Aluminum Extrusion Applications

    “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” — Denis Gabor, nobelist and author of Inventing the Future (1963) Editor’s Note: As aluminum extrusion applications extend to most business areas, especially for B&C, transportation, industrial, consumer, and defense, it is no wonder that inventions utilizing aluminum extrusions to meet present and future needs […]

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    April 2023

    Cover Kaleb Walker, assistant superintendent at Service Center Metals, oversees the melt at the company’s new remelt and casting plant in Prince George, VA. The company is also working to install a new extrusion press line at the same site. See article beginning on page 6. Articles SCM Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Casthouse and […]

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    Primary Aluminum Production Solutions

    “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” — Denis Gabor, Nobelist and author of Inventing the Future (1963) Editor’s Note: In the first of some 22 US patents granted to Charles Martin Hall for his invention of the aluminum electrolysis process, he basically claimed an inert anode “formed of copper, platinum, or […]

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    February 2023

    Cover Hydro Sunndal in Sunndalsøra, Norway, is the largest primary aluminum plant in Europe. Three branches of Hydro co-exist at the site, including the smelter, R&D center, and Hycast AS. This competence triangle of support and technology forms an interdependent feedback loop of science, innovation, and production. See story beginning on p.54. Articles Tables/Primary Aluminum […]