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    June 2022

    Cover Aluminum Ford F-150 crew cab being assembled at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, MI. Switching to aluminum for the body of its best selling pickup truck saved weight, improved performance, and was able to hold up to the rugged workload of truck users. As Ford moves into the electric vehicle market with its […]

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    Aluminum Extrusion Processing and Applications

    Editor’s Note: With ET ’22 happening (May 3-5, 2022), it was appropriate to focus on aluminum extrusion for the International Patent Calendar for our April issue. The extrusion patents selected for this issue have been recently issued within the past 18 months and cover invented technologies in every business category that aluminum extruders serve, i.e., […]

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    April 2022

    Cover Extrusion-lined entryway to the new Museum of Modern Aluminum (MoMA) in Nonthabun, Thailand. The museum is a nod to Thailand’s past aluminum industry, while also aiming to showcase the futuristic aspects of the metal’s applications. Extrusions are used inside and outside the building to stunning effect. See article on page 50. Articles INTEX Reinvents […]

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    Primary Aluminum: U.S. and China

    Editor’s Note: The focus of this issue’s patent survey is a comparison of primary aluminum invention patents granted in both the U.S. and China in just the past year. In both countries, the issued invention patents are enforceable over a 20-year term. At the same time, the contrast in the present state of primary aluminum […]

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    February 2022

    Cover Rusal recently started production at its new Taishet aluminum smelter, which uses advanced technologies to make it the lowest carbon smelter in Russia. Learn about this and other world news on primary aluminum starting on page 10. Articles Tables/Primary Aluminum Activities in 2021 By Rudolf P. Pawlek Page 6 New Arizona Extruder to Produce […]

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    Roll-Forming of Aluminum Alloy Sheet

    Roll-forming is a manufacturing process that is typically used to manufacture components such as construction panels, structural beams, garage doors, decking, and/or any other component having a formed profile. A roll-forming production process ordinarily operates at room temperature and may be implemented by using a roll-forming machine having work rolls in sequence that receive and […]

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    December 2021

    Cover The aluminum can is seeing increased popularity and demand, powered by its inherent sustainability and recyclability. As UACJ Corporation, which provided the photo notes, “Aluminum Lightens the World.” See can articles beginning on page 6. Articles Vobev Introduces Innovative Model for Aluminum Beverage Can Production By Andrea Svendsen Page 6 Aluminum Can Market Sees […]

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    Additive Manufacturing of Light Metal

    As the recently granted U.S. patents presented here indicate, the additive manufacturing (AM) of aluminum and other light metals is evolving rapidly from what was just two decades ago mainly a prototyping process to a production process that involves automotive, aerospace, medical, and various domestic product industries. In my LMA article from February 2018 on AM […]