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Turbo Aluminum Engine in ’21 Acura TLX

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Acura, part of Honda, has ramped up their use of aluminum in the 2021 TLX. The new vehicles are comprised of 56% advanced lightweight materials, including aluminum and magnesium. The engine itself, as well as the hood, front bumper beam, fenders and front damper mounts are all composed of aluminum. With the changes to the 2021 TLX, Acura seems to be leaning towards more advanced design structures than ever before.

Acura claims that the 2021 TLX is built on the most rigid sedan chassis that the company has ever created. An ultra-rigid new center tunnel serves as the backbone of the TLX’s higher structural rigidity, complimented by triangulated front shock tower bars, front and rear underfloor braces, a one-piece rear bulkhead stiffener, and new cast-aluminum front shock tower mounts. Door rings will be used to protect occupants, and the center tunnel will play a crash energy management role.

Variants of the 2021 Acura TLX include the 2.0-liter turbo base front-wheel drive model, a 2.0-liter turbo super handling all-wheel drive version, and a 3.0-liter turbo Type S, which includes a super handling all-wheel drive for the first time. The engine is described as a turbo aluminum-alloy type, with four cylinders for the 2.0 liter models and six cylinders on the 3.0 liter.

According to the company, the engine bay is home to “an all-aluminum powerplant — a 272 horsepower, VTEC® turbo, direct-injection engine paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission for enhanced performance and acceleration.”


The sporty looking vehicle comes with variable ratio electric power steering for high-speed stability and low-speed agility. An integrated dynamics system offers four unique drive modes, including “individual mode,” where the driver can customize their drive.

More customization is inherent in the all-wheel drive system. The SH-AWD® is a torque-vectoring system that adapts to the driver, delivering maneuverability and high performance handling. The groundbreaking technology sends power to the wheels that can use it to enhance individual wheel speed and even help rotate the car for more precise cornering and control.

The 2021 TLX base model has been available at dealerships since fall 2020 and the TLX type S should be appearing on car lots this summer.

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