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    The Shapemakers Podcast Covers All Things Aluminum Extrusion

    Nowadays, you can find podcasts on a plethora of topics, ranging from political gabfests to celebrity interviews. Podcasts are excellent resources for those who travel often and want to listen to something that focuses on topics that interest them, instead of aimlessly flipping through the radio dial. The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has hopped on […]

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    Taber Extrusions Installs Friction Stir Welding Technology

    Taber Extrusions, an NMLP group company, installed a new friction stir welding (FSW) line at its Russellville, Arkansas, manufacturing facility for the aerospace, rail, automotive, marine, transportation, and other industries. With this machine, Taber will be able to weld large double sided thick profiles with minimal cycles of the machine, providing greater efficiency and more precise results. […]

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    ARTICLE: Taber Acquires Micro-Extrusions Business

    Taber Extrusions, headquartered in Russellville, AR, expanded its capabilities through the acquisition of the Exact Manufacturing division of Lou-Rich, Inc. With this acquisition, Taber will continue to offer Ultra Precision Extrusions®. These micro-extrusions (Figure 1) — produced with circle sizes of 3 inches or less and weights of 1 lb or less—are used in a […]

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    ARTICLE: Taber Extrusions Building New Legacy with Casthouse Modernization

    Taber Extrusions recently completed significant upgrades to their aluminum casthouse in Gulfport, MS (Figure 1), enabling the company to integrate its casting, extrusion, and fabrication services in-house. The upgrades provide Taber with the ability to improve the quality of its products throughout every step of the manufacturing process, which opens up opportunities in a variety […]