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  • 3D printed part – Aeromet International

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    British Firms Explore Additive Manufacturing Parameters for Aluminum Alloy

    Renishaw and Aeromet International Limited announced a collaboration to establish additive manufacturing process parameters and material properties for Aeromet’s A20X® aluminum alloy. The two companies will work together to optimize the processing techniques for the high-performance alloy on Renishaw metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems. They are also investigating a range of heat treatment regimes to deliver optimum […]

  • Bevin and Bouchard

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    New Automotive and Aerospace Aluminum Rolling Mill Planned for Kentucky

    Braidy Industries, Inc., a new company formed by chairman and CEO Craig T. Bouchard, plans to construct a $1.3 billion greenfield aluminum rolling mill in Greenup County, Kentucky, to produce sheet and plate for the automotive and aerospace industries. The project is being constructed in partnership with the State of Kentucky and the Ashland Alliance. […]

  • Arconic thick plate stretcher

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    Arconic Starts Up Advanced Thick Plate Stretcher

    Arconic completed the installation of its new manufacturing technology — the Very Thick Plate Stretcher. Located at the company’s facility in Davenport, Iowa, the stretcher improves the performance of thick aluminum and aluminum-lithium plate in aerospace and industrial applications. The stretching process reduces stress introduced into the plate as part of the manufacturing process, resulting […]

  • Titanium 3d-printed components

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    Boeing to Implement 3D-Printed Titanium Structural Components

    Norsk Titanium AS received an order for 3D-printed titanium structural components from Boeing. The parts, which are being produced by the company’s proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD™) process, are the first 3D-printed structural airplane components to to be approved by the FAA. It has been reported that the use of these 3D-printed components could eventually save Boeing up to $3 million […]

  • Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Process Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy, and Welding

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    Book Review: Aluminum-Lithium Alloys

    Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Process Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy, and Welding Author: Olga Grushko, Boris Ovsyannikov, and Viktor Ovchinnikov Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (©2017) Reviewed by Joseph C. Benedyk, Editor Written by three Russian metallurgists, with a trove of experience in Al-Li alloy development and processing spanning many decades, Aluminum-Lithium Alloys (part of the Advances […]

  • Airbus aircraft

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    Arconic Aluminum Sheet and Plate To Be on Every Airbus Platform

    Arconic, which recently launched as a standalone company, signed a multi-year contract with Airbus valued at approximately $1 billion, through which Arconic will supply aluminum sheet and plate for Airbus’ highest volume programs. The company’s most significant gain in the contract is in the A320 family of aircraft, which is Airbus’ highest growth program. The […]

  • Acronic Inc.

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    Arconic Launches as Standalone Multi-Materials Manufacturer in Split from Alcoa

    Alcoa Inc. completed its separation into two standalone companies — Arconic Inc. and Alcoa Corporation (learn more about Alcoa Corporation). Arconic commences operation as a global leader in multi-materials innovation, precision engineering, and advanced manufacturing, with the aim of serving diverse markets including the aerospace, automotive, building and construction, commercial transportation, industrial solutions, and energy. “Today […]

  • Ravi Tilak, Almex USA

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    Always Up for the Challenge – Interview with Ravi Tilak, Almex

    While at the ALUMINUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan in November 2015, Light Metal Age had the opportunity to interview a number of notable members of the aluminum industry. This third interview in the series conducted by Ann Marie Fellom, publisher, presents Ravi Tilak, president and ceo of Almex USA, headquartered in Buena Park, […]

  • Alcoa-Embraer

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    Alcoa to Supply Aluminum Sheet and Plate to Embraer

    Alcoa signed a long-term contract with Embraer, a leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 130 seats. Under the multi-year agreement, valued at approximately $470 million, Alcoa will supply aluminum sheet and plate for Embraer’s new E2s, the second generation of its E-Jets family of commercial aircraft, a narrow-body medium-range jet airliner. The Embraer E-Jets […]