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Ducati Released Foldable E-Bike with Magnesium Frame

Ducati MG-20 foldable e-bike with a magnesium frame© by Ducati

Urban travel is a particularly topical issue and sustainable transport is a growing trend. Ducati is working to meet these new market needs by signing a license agreement with M.T. Distribution S.r.l., an Italian company already present in the sector for over 40 years. The two companies will work together on the development and distribution of different models including folding e-bikes and electric scooters.

As a result of this cooperation, Ducati introduced the MG-20, a foldable e-bike with a magnesium frame, which will be manufactured under license by M.T. Distribution.

Created for use in cities, the MG-20 is nimble and light on the road thanks to its frame, fork, and rims, which are entirely made from magnesium. The light yet solid material provides maximum performance without affecting impact resistance. The use of die-casting technique ensures fluid and aerodynamic lines and shapes, providing a distinctive design that reflects the sporting character of Ducati.

The lightweight e-bike also incorporates the use of aluminum in seat tube and foldable handlebars.

The foldability is made possible by the small size of the wheels (20 inches in diameter and 2,125 inches wide), which feature magnesium rims, combined with the easy folding mechanism of the e-bike and the pedals. This means that the MG-20 requires a minimal amount of space and provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing users to utilize the e-bike in combination with public and private means of transport.

The Ducati MG-20 in folded position - magnesium frame
The Ducati MG-20 in folded position.

The MG-20 is outfitted with a 250 W rear motor capable of recognizing the road conditions and, in combination with the 36 V 10.5 Ah 378 Wh Samsung battery, allows users to travel up to 50 km, at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, as per regulations. The battery is integrated into the frame and can be extracted for more convenient charging.

Management of the main functions, such as switching on the lights and selecting between three levels of assistance (12-18-25 km/h), takes place via the waterproof LCD display. The front LED headlight and the reflective strips on the wheels ensure safer riding even at night.

As of July 2021, the MG-20 is available from dealerships and in the official Ducati e-shop, as well as in specialized consumer electronics stores and major online stores.

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