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    Global Aluminum Industry Calls for Accelerated Can Recycling

    The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) joined the Aluminum Association, European Aluminium, the Aluminium Association of Canada, and the Australian Aluminium Council, along with numerous aluminum producers, recyclers, rolling mills, can makers, and other industry leaders, in calling for urgent actions to be taken to achieve full circularity of aluminum beverage containers to decarbonize the aluminum […]

  • a car driving into the light

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    Treading Lightly with Secondary Aluminum

    By Geoff Scamans, BCAST at Brunel University London and Innoval Technology. Vehicles must become inherently more efficient and lightweight if automotive OEMs are to meet global emissions targets. The implementation of aluminum has helped move OEMs toward this goal, and as a result, there has been significant growth in aluminum intensive vehicles (AIVs) over the […]

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    The Power of Aluminum in Sustainable Landscape Design

    By Jackie Walsh, Freelance Writer. Global demand for aluminium is projected to increase by nearly 40% by 2030 according to a recent report by the International Aluminium Institute. The surge in demand is fueled by increased consumer focus on sustainability propelling transport, construction, electricity, and packaging sectors to use the metal in manufacturing products that […]

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    IAI Launches Aluminum Coalition Targeting Net-Zero Emissions

    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change are priorities for the aluminum industry. However, the sector needs to move comprehensively toward net-zero carbon in a way that addresses all other aspects of sustainability. With this aim in mind, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) launched Aluminium Forward 2030, a coalition of IAI’s 25 production members […]

  • Karmøy Technology Pilot in Norway. (Photo: Marius Motrøen, Norsk Hydro.)

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    Decarbonizing the Primary Aluminum Industry

    By Halvor Kvande, NTNU (Retired); Gudrun Saevarsdottir, Reykjavik University; and Barry Welch, Welbank Consulting.  Abstract While global average greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have changed little over the last several years, the best available data has become more reliable and has showed lower emissions. The electrolysis process has now been performed with a low emission rate […]

  • Figure 1. EOL cars that have been compacted in preparation for shredding and recycling.

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    Industry 4.0 for the Upcycling of Automotive Aluminum Scrap

    By Emily Molstad and Caleb Ralphs, VALIS Insights Inc., and Aaron Birt, Sean Kelly, and Diran Apelian, Solvus Global. The aluminum industry requires a drastic shift in business as usual to meet rapidly growing demand while significantly reducing emissions associated with production. The automotive industry highlights this shift, as utilization of aluminum for lightweighting and […]

  • Greenwashing aluminum industry

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    Addressing the Problem of Greenwashing in the Aluminum Industry

    By Subodh Das, Phinix, LLC, and Martin Hartlieb, Viami International Inc. Environmental sustainability has become a major trend across aluminum and other industries. A vast majority of companies are aspiring to achieve lower carbon resources in their operations and products, based on circular economy and Paris Agreement parameters. Generally, this trend is positive. However, while […]

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    New Study Finds Aluminum Cans Are Vital to a Circular Economy

    The International Aluminium Institute (IAI)  released the first comprehensive public study analyzing the recycling value chain for single-use beverage containers in five key markets. The data shows that today more than 70% of the material used in aluminum cans is recycled into new products — almost double that of glass (34%) and plastic (40%). Accordingly, […]