aluminum recycling

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  • Novelis Scrap

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    Novelis Achieves Key Sustainability Goals Ahead of Target

    Novelis Inc. increased the use of high-recycled aluminum content inputs in FY17 from 53% to 55% year-over-year – two years ahead of target – one of its key sustainability targets. Novelis detailed its continued progress toward its sustainability commitments and goals in a new sustainability report for 2017. The sustainable gains achieved by the company […]

  • Audubon Metals Ingot

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    Audubon Metals Expanding Secondary Aluminum Capacity

    Audubon Metals LLC, a subsidiary of Koch Enterprises Inc., is investing $8.3 million in its facility in Henderson, KY, which produces secondary aluminum using shredded automotive metal. The expansion will add nearly 21,000 sq ft of manufacturing space — enlarging it to more than 333,000 sq ft — in order to house a fifth reverberatory furnace […]

  • Jaguar XE

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    Jaguar Land Rover Reaches Recycling Milestone

    Jaguar Land Rover reached a recycling milestone, having reclaimed over 50,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap — equal to the weight of 200,000 Jaguar XE body shells — back into the production process during 2015/16. This prevented more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere by not using primary aluminium material. These figures […]

  • Hydro - Neuss, Germany

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    Hydro Starts Up New Aluminum Recycling Line

    Hydro commissioned a EUR 45 million aluminum recycling facility at its Neuss plant in Germany. The facility aims to recycle up to 50,000 tonnes of used beverage cans (UBCs) per year. With the new UBC line, Hydro further optimizes its sourcing of metal for subsequent fabrication. The UBC recycling line in Neuss has created 40 […]

  • crushed and baled aluminum cans for recycling

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    Alupro comments on revisions to the aluminum incinerator bottom ash protocol

    The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organization, Alupro, recently commissioned a research project to investigate the suitability of the Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) system for recording aluminum packaging recycling to reveal the actual recycling rate in the UK. Alupro has repeatedly voiced concerns to Defra and the Environment Agency (EA) about the inherent weaknesses in the PRN […]

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    Sustainability Roadmap for the Aluminum Industry

    Pierre Vareille, European Aluminium Association chairman and CEO of Constellium, at the launch of the Sustainability Roadmap for the aluminum industry on April 23, 2015 discussed the aluminum effect — 75% of all of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Other video interviews from the Sustainability Roadmap event, include: Our Sustainability Roadmap: […]