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October 2022


Aluminum profiles on the runnout table of the new 25 MN, 8 inch extrusion line installed by General Extrusions Inc. at its facility in Youngstown, OH. The highly automated new line enables the company to modernize its operations. The line more than doubles the company’s current capacity, ensuring its continued success in the years to come. See article on page 6. (Photo: SMS group/OMAV.)


General Extrusions Installs Advanced New Press Line
Page 6

Hydro Extrusions Expands in Europe: Industrial Society Shaped by Environmental Solutions
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 10

The Potential for Magnesium Forgings in Automotive
By Andrew Halonen
Page 16

Ronal Group Introduces Carbon Neutral Recycled Aluminum Wheel
By Martin Hartlieb
Page 22

Application of Agile Management for Extrusion: Painless Digital Transformation at EXAL
By Mathew Robbins, et al.
Page 28

Decarbonization of Secondary Aluminum Melting: Oxy-Fuel Combustion and Low-Carbon Intensity Fuels
By Anand Makwana, et al.
Page 32

The Accelerating Use of Aluminum and Magnesium in Automotive
Page 38

IMA Predicts a Bright Future for Magnesium
By Rose Eaton
Page 40

Emmebi Celebrates Its 50th Year
Page 44

Providing Outreach to First Responders
By Alex Lowery
Page 46

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