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    Recycled Aluminum Nespresso Pods Transform into a Bike

    Vélosophy, a Swedish bicycle and lifestyle start-up brand, teamed up with Nespresso to create Re:Cycle, a bike made from recycled aluminum Nespresso pods. Jimmy Östholm, founder and CEO of Vélosophy, has used recycled aluminum in his bicycles from the time the company started three years ago. People didn’t seem too interested in the fact that the bikes […]

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    Canned Water, a Fad or the Future? Pepsi Wants to Know.

    Pepsi in New Bern, North Carolina plans to market its water brand Aquafina in aluminum cans beginning in 2020. The company said that Aquafina in aluminum cans will be available in restaurants at the start of the new year, and they are working on a roll out for retail sales following shortly thereafter. “Tackling plastic waste […]

  • Apple - Daisy recycling robot

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    Apple Expanding Its Recycling Programs with Daisy, a New Disassembly Robot

    Apple announced a major expansion of its recycling programs, with plans to quadruple the number of material recovery locations that U.S. customers will be able to send their discarded iPhones to for disassembly. A new recycling robot, called Daisy, will be installed at each location. Apple has received nearly 1 million devices through Apple recycling […]

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    Aquaman Dives into Sustainability with Water in Aluminum Cans

    Jason Momoa, an actor known widely for his roles as Aquaman and Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, released a YouTube video in which he shaved his famous beard to promote the use of aluminum versus plastic while introducing his new line of water in aluminum cans. In the trending video, Momoa says, “I just […]

  • Beercan Boards

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    Beercan Boards Introduces Extruded Skateboard Made from Recycled Aluminum

    Beercan Boards of Douglas, Georgia, manufacture customized skateboards from recycled aluminum extrusions. Joel Rawlins, the owner and creator of Beercan Boards said he woke up one day with the idea of an aluminum board with an adjustable wheel base (trucks). The recycled aluminum in the board comes from two sources: Elixir Industries, Inc. in Georgia, […]

  • Tanova LOI Fonderie Pandolfo

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    Fonderie Pandolfo Orders Aluminum Recycling Furnace

    Fonderie Pandolfo in Italy ordered a twin-chamber melting furnace for the recycling of contaminated aluminum scrap. The new furnace will double the company’s production rate, enabling it to satisfy continuous market requests. The TCF® melting furnace will be delivered and installed by Tenova LOI Thermprocess in Germany. Fonderie Pandolfo was founded in 2009 as a modern casthouse primarily […]

  • Trimet - rotary furnace

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    Trimet Puts New Aluminum Recycling Furnace into Operation

    Trimet Aluminium SE started up operation of a new rotary furnace for remelting aluminum scrap at its Gelsenkirchen recycling plant in Germany. The ceremony was attended by Philipp Schlüter, chairman of the executive board, Jens Meinecke, plant manager, and the employees of the facility. “Around 90% of the aluminum in circulation is recycled, and the total […]

  • century-aluminum-sebree

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    Century Aluminum to Expand Its Sebree Casthouse with Scrap Recycling

    Century Aluminum Sebree LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Century Aluminum Company, is investing in two new expansion programs at its Sebree, Kentucky, smelter, which will increase its production of both value-added and secondary aluminum. The programs will improve the smelter’s product mix by adding approximately 90,000 tonnes of additional billet capacity to the Sebree casthouse and to increase the […]

  • aluminium scrap

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    ARTICLE: Secondary Aluminum Processing Waste – Ensuring Its Environmentally Protective Management

    By Curt Wells and Paul O’Connor, The Aluminum Association. Aluminum recycling provides significant societal environmental benefit in terms of landfilled waste reduction and the energy consumption/emissions avoided as compared to aluminum produced from virgin ore. However, aluminum recycling also generates waste products and these are referred to as secondary aluminum processing wastes, which are comprised […]