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Precimeter Inc.


2215 S. 48th St., Ste C
Tempe, AZ 85282
Contact Name: Jerry Wilkins
Phone: (480) 829-1923
Fax: (480) 894-5546


Precimeter is a globally active company focused on molten metal level and flow control. The core business and focus of Precimeter is molten metal level and flow control.The foundation of Precimeter technology is the ProH digital camera sensor that utilizes laser triangulation to obtain a very accurate measurement of molten metal levels. The sensors have a number of benefits, such as: excellent resolution (<0.08 mm for the standard model); different sensor models depending on application; ability to mount on the side of a launder, mold, etc. to avoid any extreme heat exposure; adaptable to the surface material (different alloys, etc.); technology that gives the sensor immunity against smoke, steam, dust, and other external elements that could interfere with measurement; easy installation; and low maintenance. The new ProH – Mould Edition is well prepared to endure the environment on a slab caster distributor or at any other application in a casthouse. The sensor is available in two options—single sensor and dual TwinDelta sensor, providing measurement comparison towards a known position (mold edge).

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