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Albarrie Canada Ltd.


85 Morrow Rd.
Barrie, ON L4N 3V7
Contact Name: Carla Smiderle
Phone: (705) 737-0551
Fax: (705) 737-4044


Albarrie designs and manufactures innovative nonwoven technical fabrics that solve industrial and environmental issues. With 40+ years of experience, our team is passionate about helping clients resolve daily challenges with technical fabrics and manufacturing expertise.

Albarrie’s Defender™ Series Heat Felts are engineered to protect aluminum products’ surface finish during manufacture. Made from nonwoven fabrics, our components are a high-performance alternative to graphite. When heat felts aren’t used during the handling process, producers risk creating an inferior product due to scratches or marks from graphite or wood. This leads to scrapping and remanufacturing the product, cost overruns, and inefficient operations. Defender™ Series Heat Felts include an assortment of rollers, roller covers, pads and boards, endless belts, spacer bar sleeves, and heat protective tape.

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