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ArtPrize Entry Inspired by Aluminum – “We are all connected.”

Alla and Richard Dickson experienced a fire in their home last year, on December 24th. Neighbors, volunteer firefighters, and American Red Cross volunteers came to the Dickson family’s aid immediately. Fire fighters battled a fire that has kept the Dickson’s out of their home for most of 2014. In gratitude, West Michigan artist Alla Dickson recently dedicated a painting that she entered into the international ArtPrize exhibition to the Red Cross. According to Alla, they helped her family transition that night “instantly from disaster to recovery.”

The painting, This Enigmatic World, was inspired by a macro image of aluminum, which Alla had seen in the laboratory of the Technical Support Center at Hydro Aluminum in Holland, MI, where her husband works. “The motivation to paint it was the vibrant energy of the passion in the industry I have always witnessed between my husband and his colleagues during business discussions. The concept that a macro image of aluminum plays such a crucial role for an entire industry was very symbolic to me,” said Alla. “So, those elements: the passion, energy, the enigmatic world on the molecular level of a substance and this connection with the whole has been the main subject matter of my art piece, that I can honestly say was initially dedicated to the aluminum industry.” The piece was painted in layers of acrylic laid on top of an aluminum print.

Alla said, “This art work is dedicated to the Red Cross volunteers and their selfless mission of love and kindness, where the connection between those who help and those who are helped is simply immeasurable in value. Our family’s tragic experience this past Christmas Eve, caused by a home fire, turned into a celebration of life and kindness and generosity of the local community. We are all connected.” A video describing Alla’s journey and inspiration for her painting can be seen on YouTube.

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