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December 2014


Only 15 µm thick but completely free from grease in the as-rolled condition, the aluminum foil pictured was produced at Hydro’s Grevenbroich rolling mill in Germany. Previously material could only be cleaned of residual rolling oil by undergoing heat treatment. Hydro announced earlier this year a sophisticated bath process whereby foil can be chemically degreased yet still retain the original degree of hardness. (Photo credit: Hydro Aluminium)


Cosmetic Corrosion of Aluminum Automotive Closure Sheet
By Geoff Scamans, Innoval Technology
Page 6
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Application of Advanced Al-Li Plate on the NASA Orion Crew Module
By Michael Niedzinski, Constellium Aerospace & Transportation
Page 14
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Aluminum’s Explosive Growth into Automotive in America – Interview with Tom Boney, Aluminum Association, ATG
Page 20
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Europe Continues Very Steady Growth in Automotive – Interview with Patrik Ragnarsson, European Aluminium Association, A&TG
Page 22
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Nanostructured Wire Rod Research and Development in Russia
By V.Kh. Mann, et al.
Page 26
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Eastern European Extruder Increases Volume to Serve Growing EU Market
Page 30
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Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Transverse Weld
By Jerome Fourmann, Rio Tinto Alcan
Page 34
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The Extrusion Press Container: Thermal Stability of the Liner Not Uniformity of the Container Mantle
By Paul Robbins and Dr. Ken Chun Chien, Castool
Page 36
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UMC Expands Market Scope with New Coil Coating Capacity
Page 42
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First Laser-Welded Aluminum Door Blanks for Mass Production
Page 44
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