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Egyptalum to Host the 24th Arabal Conference & Exhibition in Cairo

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Egyptian Aluminium Company (Egyptalum) is hosting the 24th Arab International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition (Arabal) at the Nile Ritz-Carlton in Cairo, Egypt, on November 29 to December 1, 2022. The event aims to bring together industry leaders from around the world to discuss current issues in the aluminum sector while also exploring investment opportunities in the region. The strategic conference will be focused on current in industry prospects and challenges, as well as providing an international exhibition, workshops, and networking events.


The themes and presentations for Arabal 2022 will include:

  • Arab Smelter Panel – Current challenges future opportunities
  • Meeting the booming post-Covid demand with the tightness resulting from the war in Ukraine.
  • Aluminum as a key enabler of a more sustainable economy and a “green” recovery
  • Aluminum dashboard – costs, logistics, and input materials
  • Aluminum strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and forecast
  • Understanding the market demand for aluminum, sector by sector, and an update on refineries
  • Are value-added products the route for better margins?
  • Impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) clauses on the aluminum industry
  • Technology game changers in the aluminum industry
  • Meeting disruption in aluminum sector with Industry 4.0


The two-day, international exhibition that is free to attend gathers industry names from across the spectrum, including upstream, midstream, and downstream producers. It provides the opportunity for visitors to learn about the latest aluminum projects and prospects available in the region. Moreover, attendees and exhibitors will be able to network and find potential business partners in the Middle East.

About the Event

Arabal was launched in Kuwait in 1983 to establish greater collaboration between leaders in the Arab aluminum industry, as well as to strengthen ties and address key challenges in the institutional framework on the regional and international level. The objective of Arabal is to create a platform for cooperation among companies and authorities engaged in the aluminum industry in the Arab region and to enhance international networking in the industry.

About Egyptalum

Egyptalum is the largest aluminum producer in Egypt and one of the largest in Africa having a total annual production of around 320,000 tonnes. Established in 1969, the smelter is located at Nag’ a Hammady, which is approximately 100 km north from Luxor governorate and is supplied with the electric energy it needs from the Aswan High Dam.

The Egyptalum smelter has six production lines and the company is further studying a new production expansion project, under consultation with Bechtel, for the development of the seventh production line to increase its aluminum output. In a two-stage process, Egyptalum aims to increase its production of primary aluminum by 250,000 tonnes per year using modern technology

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