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Colorful Aluminum Chain Façade Cladding Transforms Building Exteriors

© by Kriskadecor

Kriskadecor, headquartered in Spain, recently expanded their product line with façade cladding made of aluminum chains for outdoor use. This customizable aluminum cladding can be used to transform the exterior of buildings, as it can be produced in multiple colors with prints, logos, and high definition images. Both the chains and the profiles are made of aluminum, a light weight and infinitely recyclable material.

The colorful cladding is also practical, offering the advantages of a sun shade, which reduced heat transfer to the interior from direct sunlight, while allowing natural ventilation through the open chains.

Any type of building and structure can benefit from the design and durability purposes the cladding provides, including factory walls, concrete, wood, and even glass or ventilated façades. Kriskadecor’s extensive color palette includes 47 RAL colors tested under solar exposure. The anodized silver option in brilliant and satin finishes can be used outdoors, too.

The company’s technical department develops projects completely customized in size, shape, and color according to a customers’ needs. Their team will provide technical, graphic, and artistic support throughout the process, from the conception of the idea to the completion of the project.

Due to the size and movement versatility of Kriskadecor’s chain links, they can create a variety of compositions. Each project is unique, and can employ curved, undulated shapes with organic movement, or even volumes, to obtain astonishing geometries.


The façade chain cladding has already been used in several projects around the world. At the Kley student residence in Montpellier, France, the aluminum cladding is used as a “double skin,”  inspired by sea anemones that develop a symbiosis with other organisms with which they live in direct contact, mutually benefitting each other.

The anodized aluminum chain cladding was also used at the Ecuador Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 in Italy (seen in header photo). The range of yellow, red, lilac, blue, and green colors used, represents the colorful regions of Ecuador, its population, landscape, craftwork, ethnic groups, cuisine, and cultural expressions, which are also summarized in its logo and its motto “Ecuador Ama La Vida”.

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