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Brazing Webinar for Serious Radiator Job Shops


Mike Jacobs, brazing specialist from SECO/Warwick Corporation, Meadville, PA, will host the Brazing Furnace Webinar for Serious Radiator Job Shops on Apr 26th. The web is ideal for job shops who are considering performing their own aluminum brazing.

Controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum clad material for the production of automotive and other industrial heat exchangers has been a growing industry for many decades. Recently, however, many job shops have increased production to the point where doing their own, in-house brazing is a real possibility. But exactly what type of capital investment is necessary to bring this dream to life?

The universal batch CAB system is one of the most cost effective solutions to growing job shops, according to SECO/Warwick. The equipment is flexible, allowing for a wide variety of heat exchanger brazing options for any one piece of equipment. The furnace can perform both vertical and horizontal brazing. As with all SECO/Warwick CAB equipment, the temperature tolerances on this furnace are tight.

The primary discussion point of Brazing Furnace Webinar will be the flexibility and versatility of a universal batch CAB furnace system. With its ability to quickly switch between varying size loads, this furnace type is ideal for nimble radiator/condenser/heat exchanger job shops. Vacuum purging will also be discussed. In addition, the webinar will touch on vacuum aluminum brazing (VAB) and the possibility of combining a vacuum purge with a non-vacuum CAB process for a significant improvement in braze quality and cosmetics.

Register for the webinar online.


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