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18360 Technology Drive
3rd Floor
Meadville, PA 16335
Contact Name: Marcus Lord
Phone: (814) 332-8400
Fax: (814) 724-1407


SECO/WARWICK Group is a leading global manufacturer of heat processing furnaces and equipment, including annealing and homogenizing furnaces.

SECO/WARWICK aluminum furnaces are in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide for primary and secondary aluminum production, as well as in downstream processes to deliver semi-finished or finished products for aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical industries, marine applications, defense and arming usages, telecommunication, and electronics. The company specializes in aluminum furnaces for annealing, homogenizing, preheat, solution heat treat, and aging along with melting and holding equipment.


SECO/WARWICK provides custom engineered aluminum coil and foil annealing furnaces with capacities ranging from single coil modular furnaces to multi-zone furnaces with tight zone control. We have the experience, knowledge and talent to manufacture efficient furnaces with exceptional temperature uniformity and unique charging techniques to fit the most demanding application. SECO/WARWICK continues to develop technologies to improve equipment performance and efficiency. Two significant improvements for coil/foil processing include: the Vortex® Flow Jet Heating System (which reduces cycle time by taking advantage of the high heat transfer produced through convection heating) and Mass Flow design.

SECO/WARWICK - annealing furnace
Coil annealing multi zone furnace.

SECO/WARWICK manufactures custom engineered aluminum log and billet homogenizing furnaces for most process applications. Equipment designs include batch (both car and tray designs), traveling, and continuous, complete with material handling systems and load cooling equipment. Unique reversing airflow designs and temperature control systems produce fast heating rates with tight temperature uniformity throughout the entire load.

Aluminum homogenizing furnace.

In addition, SECO/WARWICK provides sow preheating/drying systems for a higher degree of safety for primary and secondary aluminum melting/re-melting facilities; preheating furnaces for hot rolling of aluminum alloy slabs and hot forging of parts; reverb melting furnaces for melting primary aluminum T-bars and ingots, as well as sows and alloy scrap; and solution heat treat and aging furnace systems are designed for the artificial aging of manufactured extrusions, plates, sheets, forgings and castings to achieve final mechanical properties.

Traveling sow preheat furnace.

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