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    Youngstown Tool & Die Installs Two New HPGQ Vacuum Furnaces

    Youngstown Tools & Die (YTD) upgraded their existing heat treatment capabilities by installing two new high-pressure gas quench (HPGQ) vacuum furnaces. YTD, located in Ohio, specializes in manufacturing aluminum extrusion dies (since 1961) and are in the process of moving into a larger facility to accommodate increased production needs due to rising demand. This May, the city […]

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    Coil Annealing Webinar Focuses on Increasing Profits

    Jack Mahoney, Coil Annealing product manager for SECO/WARWICK Corp., is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 28th, entitled “Aluminum Coil Annealing: Swirling Air = Higher Profits.” This 30-40 minute webinar will focus on how present the case for why swirling air can lead to higher profits, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Description: “When it […]

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    Brazing Webinar for Serious Radiator Job Shops

    Mike Jacobs, brazing specialist from SECO/Warwick Corporation, Meadville, PA, will host the Brazing Furnace Webinar for Serious Radiator Job Shops on Apr 26th. The web is ideal for job shops who are considering performing their own aluminum brazing. Controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum clad material for the production of automotive and other industrial heat exchangers has […]