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    A Consortium of Aluminum Companies to Develop Carbon Capture Solutions for Smelting

    Rio Tinto, Trimet, and Aluminium Dunkerque are partnering with Fives Group on a consortium project to develop carbon capture solutions for the aluminum industry. Primary aluminum production accounts for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which corresponds to an average of 16.1 t CO2/t Al being emitted globally (in France, the average is less than 5 […]

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    Trimet to Install New Control Process on Its Aluminum Smelters for Greater Sustainability

    Trimet Aluminium SE developed a new process control system for controlling the electrolysis furnaces in its aluminum smelters. The company plans to replace various existing control systems with this in-house developed control and monitoring system — called METRICS® — at its facilities in Essen, Hamburg, and Voerde, Germany, and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France. This will enable the […]

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    TRIMET to Power Recycling Furnaces with Hydrogen-Rich Coke-Oven Gases

    TRIMET Aluminium SE will soon use hydrogen-rich energy to power its recycling plant in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Switching to this climate-friendly fuel is part of a basic conversion program under which the materials specialist is expanding its recycling plant for climate-neutral production in the long term. The recycling plant is expected to start drawing hydrogen-rich energy […]

  • reels of aluminum wire

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    Trimet and Nexans Develop Recycled Alloy for Electrical Cable

    Trimet Aluminium SE, an aluminum producer headquartered in Essen, Germany, is working with Nexans, a global cable and optical fiber company headquartered in Paris, France, to improve the eco-balance of power cables. In a joint breakthrough development project, the two companies have developed a material with recycled aluminum content for the production of aluminum rod used […]

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    European Aluminum Smelters Face Closures

    By Alton Tabereaux, Contributing Editor. The European primary aluminum industry has been deeply impacted by surging energy prices. This is due to a combination of factors, including increasing demand, skyrocketing natural gas prices, and insufficient quantities of affordable renewable (wind, solar, hydro) or nuclear energy. The invasion of Ukraine also significantly impacted supply chains, in […]

  • Trimet Aluminium - sow casting machine

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    Trimet Commissions New Casting Machine

    Trimet Aluminium SE expanded its production capacity for aluminum sows with the installation of a new casting machine at its smelter in Hamburg, Germany. The facility can now cast around 45,000 tonnes of the aluminum sows — almost doubling capacity. “The new casting machine allows us to respond even more flexibly to our customers’ needs […]

  • TRIMET aluminum casting machine

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    Trimet Commissions New Casting Machine at Its Voerde Smelter

    Trimet Aluminium SE commissioned a new casting machine for aluminum sows at its aluminum smelter in Voerde, Germany. Prior to this, the smelter delivered 99.9% pure aluminum in liquid form to its local customers and the Trimet foundry in Essen, Germany. Now, the site is able to produce its own block metal. “The casting machine […]

  • Trimet aluminum alloy for additive manufacturing

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    Trimet Introduces New Alloy for Additive Manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important, with cheaper and more efficient processes making the production of metal powders and additively manufactured components more attractive. As a result, printed components are increasingly being used not only for prototyping, but also as serial products. Trimet Aluminium SE in Germany has been conducting intensive research and development on material […]

  • Trimet-anode baking

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    Trimet Starts Up New Anode Baking Furnace

    Trimet Aluminium SE commissioned a new €12 million anode baking furnace for the production of carbon anodes at its aluminum smelter in Hamburg, Germany. The new anode furnace replaces an eight-year-old furnace, ensuring greater energy efficiency. “With the new baking furnace, we will produce even more energy efficiently in the future,” said Dr. Andreas Lützerath, executive board member […]