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  • Plibrico - stacks of refractories for aluminum and steel furnaces

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    Plibrico Acquires Refractory Manufacturer Redline Industries

    The Plibrico Company, a supplier of monolithic refractories and construction services headquartered in Northbrook, IL, completed the acquisition of Redline Industries, Inc., a supplier of low-cement refractory castables and gun mixes in Chicago, IL. “We are thrilled to bring Redline into the Plibrico family,” said Brad Taylor, president and CEO at Plibrico. “We believe this […]

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    New Partnership Offers Refractory Support in Europe

    The Plibrico Company and the Pli Group Europe GmbH have partnered to supply monolithic refractory materials and services in Europe. This collaboration between manufacturer and distributor allows more than ten European countries access to Plibrico made refractory materials and services. “Adding Pli Group Europe GmbH to our ranks of PliPartners allows Plibrico to reinforce its […]

  • Refractories for Aluminum

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    New Book: Refractories for Aluminum

    Refractories for Aluminum: Electrolysis and the Cast House by Andrey Yurkov, a new book published by Springer, details the rigorous requirements for refractories designed for aluminium metallurgical processes: reduction, casthouse, and anode production. The author describes requirements specific to the properties and structure of refractory materials that differentiate it from materials used for ferrous metallurgy, […]