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    International Patents: Metallurgy of Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment

    The quest for higher strength materials, especially in transportation markets, seems to be never ending. The aluminum industry is meeting the demand with new alloys and heat treatments aimed at optimizing properties made of age hardening aluminum. Processing age hardening aluminum alloys to meet high strength levels in various product forms requires special heat treatment, […]

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    Innoval Introduces a Series of Free Aluminum-Focused Webinars

    Innoval Technology is offering a series of free entry-level webinars designed to provide an overview of aluminum, how it’s used, and how it’s processed. These live informational sessions will appeal to anyone who is new to aluminum or anyone already working with aluminum who wants to find out more or explore other ways of using it. […]

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    The Bright World of Metals – METEC 2015

    The best metallurgy experts in the world will meet to exchange ideas and experience at METEC 2015, the 9th International Metallurgical Trade Fair, on June 16-20 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The international exhibition focuses consistently upon reflecting on challenges in order to recognize the requirements and technologies for a future that is efficient and environmentally sound. […]