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  • Figure 1. A Tesla Model Y giga-casting. (Source: S. Munro.)

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    The Impact of Giga-Castings on Car Manufacturing and Aluminum Content

    By Alicia Hartlieb and Martin Hartlieb, Viami International Inc. Numerous studies, especially from Ducker-Carlisle, have shown that aluminum usage in light vehicles has been growing for decades, having surpassed 500 lbs (227 kg) per light vehicle in North America and 396 lbs (180 kg) per vehicle in Europe. Until now, castings have been the predominant […]

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    Castool Installs Vacuum Heat Treating and Nitriding Furnaces for Processing Dies

    Castool Tooling Systems, based in Uxbridge, Canada, designs and manufactures production tooling systems for the extrusion and die casting industries. For the extrusion sector, the company pioneered the fixed dummy block, thermally stable container, single cell die heater, and other innovations. Recently, Castoool completed the construction of a new facility, in which the company has […]

  • Rivian R1T electric pickup

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    The Value Proposition for Lightweighting in Electric Vehicles

    By Andrew Halonen, Mayflower Consulting LLC. Electric vehicles (EVs) and electrification of transportation in general are topics that dominate news outlets, magazines, and social media. OEMs, materials manufacturers, and those looking to capitalize on this new electrified economy are constantly sharing a barrage of information and data on new business models, the projected performance of […]

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    GFG Alliance Unveils New Vertically-Integrated Global Aluminum Enterprise

    GFG Alliance is creating a new global aluminum enterprise, which will consolidate the aluminum operations acquired in recent years into a single entity. The new vertically-integrated aluminum group, known as ALVANCE Aluminium Group, aims to drive synergies and take full advantage of opportunities to expand. “The creation of ALVANCE highlights the global nature of our […]

  • Rio Tinto - Revolution-AL Wheel

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    Rio Tinto Develops New Alloy for High Strength Car Wheels

    Rio Tinto received the first order for its Revolution-Al™, a new high strength aluminum alloy developed to make lighter weight car wheels. The development of the new alloy was five years in the making, representing the company’s commitment to innovation. The project was carried out in cooperation with the company’s customers, who helped trial and test […]

  • Randy Chalmers, Meridia, and Professor Hanifa Shah, Birmingham City University.

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    University Aims to Showcase Magnesium as Viable for Automotive and Aerospace

    Birmingham City University in the U.K. formed a strategic alliance with Meridian, the world’s largest producer of magnesium components, with the aim of showcasing magnesium as a viable alternative for luxury car makers and the aerospace industry. The two organizations will work together in the education, research, and development of magnesium use, which will place fuel efficiency through […]