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The Aluminum Association Releases New Video Series on Aluminum Extrusion Tolerances

The Aluminum Association released a new video series showcasing how to properly measure aluminum extrusion tolerances to industry standards. The series contains five videos, each focusing on a different tolerance measurement, including twist, straightness, flatness, and metal and spacing dimensions for solid and hollow profiles.

Filmed at the Hydro extrusion plant in Cressona, PA, the videos walk through essential measuring tools, procedures, reference table interpretations and calculations to properly measure an extrusion based on association-maintained American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard H35.2, which is also found in Aluminum Standards and Data.

The Aluminum Association provides global standards, industry statistics, and expert knowledge to member companies and policy makers in the U.S. and around the world. Its publication, Aluminum Standards and Data, is a valuable reference for aluminum mill product standards, offering a complete source of information on wrought aluminum. This reference contains: nominal and specified chemical compositions of alloys, typical mechanical and physical properties of commonly used commercial alloys, mechanical property limits, information on comparative characteristics and applications, and definitions and dimensional tolerances for semi-fabricated products. It is available in both U.S. and metric units.




Metal and Spacing Dimensions for Solid Profiles

Metal and Spacing Dimensions for Hollow Profiles

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