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Wagstaff is Increasing Its Manufacturing Efficiency

Wagstaff recently purchased a high-speed, advanced machining center, increasing the productivity and efficiency of its 170,000 sq ft manufacturing center in Spokane Valley, Washington. The center is where the company develops, engineers, designs, and manufactures sophisticated molds, casting machines, automated systems, and ancillary equipment for the aluminum casting industry.

The company selected H & H Machine Tools in Campbellfield, Australia to supply the new advanced five-axis machining center for the Spokane Valley site. “Wagstaff’s goal to streamline machining processes prompted research into the latest capabilities of today’s high-performing machine centers,” stated Wagstaff in its announcement. “H & H is recognized by a number of industries as a leader in machine technology and is capable of large-format, heavy jobs as well as precision accuracy in highly-engineered products.”

The H&H five-axis machining center purchased by Wagstaff.

An ULTRA5 five-axis machining center was selected because it features high torque motor spindles, a large Z axis for taller jobs, and custom features suited to augment Wagstaff’s current capabilities at its manufacturing facilities.

Wagstaff plans to use this machine to manufacture aluminum casting molds, as well as custom machining jobs. “This machine will eliminate hours of part setup and manual finishing time for every job,” said Scott Johnson, manufacturing director for Wagstaff. “Compared to our current CNC machining capabilities, this has the potential to perform at least 1/3 faster.”

In order to prepare the site for the new machining center, Wagstaff began constructing a new foundation at its Spokane Valley manufacturing center where it will be housed. The ULTRA5 is expected to be brought online this summer.

pouring of new concrete
Foundation work being performed, with pouring of new concrete, for the new machining center .

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