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June 2018


Five axis milling of a 700 mm (27.6 inch) diameter mandrel at the Almax Mori premises in Italy. The mandrel is used on a die to extrude a 450 mm (17.7 inch) wide industrial profile on an 11 inch billet container press operated by Gulf Extrusions Co. in Dubai. New engineering capabilities in die design are providing a new approach for extrusion shape feasibility.


Sierra Aluminum Implements Casting Pit Upgrades for Improved Billet Quality
Page 6
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Additive Manufacturing for Extrusion Dies
By B. Reggiani and L. Donati
Page 10
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New Die Engineering Capabilities are Changing Extrusion Shape Feasibility
By Tommaso Pinter
Page 18
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Hindalco – The Largest Aluminum Company in India Plans Massive Expansion
By Andrew Hall
Page 20
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Defects Affecting Extrusion – Press Quenching Effect on Product Quality (Part I)
By Jerome Fourmann
Page 28
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How the H35 Standards Work to Facilitate Using Aluminum for Industry Applications
By John Weritz
Page 34
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Quebec’s Center of Aluminum Expertise – CeAl
Page 42
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Architectural Aluminum in the 21st Century
By Randy Kissell, et al
Page 44
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New Extrusion Press for LIFT Technology
Page 36
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Auto Industry Looks to Al Ext for Increased Performance and Cost-Effective Solutions
By Dave Lukasak and Alex Chen
Page 38
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