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Granco Clark Partners with Laserax


Granco Clark, Inc. in Belding, Michigan, signed a partnership agreement with Laserax Inc. in Quebec, Canada, which will enable the company to supply inline laser marking solutions to extruders for improved traceability. Both companies stated that they are thrilled by the the partnership.

As traceability becomes increasingly important across the aluminum supply chain, laser marking is proving to be a practical way to mark most aluminum. It’s able to provide in-lin processing, short cycle times, and reliable marking on rough, dusty, contoured, or uneven surfaces, as well as high temperature parts. It can also maintain readability following subsequent heat and surface treatments.

Granco Clark is a global leader in the aluminum extrusion industry and builds some of the world’s largest aluminum extrusion systems. Leading the pack in development of new extrusion technologies and processes, Granco Clark is committed to the needs of their clients, working together to create powerful and efficient solutions customized to each installation.

Laserax is a laser system manufacturer that provides efficient, innovative and safe solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. We rely on a team of laser technology experts to offer a complete range of products for laser marking and laser cleaning.

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