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Indalum Orders New Extrusion Press Line

Indalum - Danieli Breda

Indalum S.A. ordered a complete extrusion plant with a 3,100 ton, 9 inch front-loading press from Danieli Breda for its Monterrey, Mexico, facility. The modern extrusion line will include log storage and pusher, log heating furnace, log saw, billet loader, profile quenching unit, roller table and fly-cut saw system, stretcher, cut-to-length saw, and aging furnace. The new press will extend the company’s product range at the Monterrey facility, which already provides casting, extrusion, and anodizing and painting capabilities.

The front-loading press features a hydraulic system equipped with new ESED technology and includes three axial piston main pumps, each equipped with VFD-Variable Frequency Drive to optimize energy. The press is designed to ensure the high quality of the end product, producing profiles up to 500 mm x 250 mm.

The profile quenching unit comprises four cooling zones that use air mist as the cooling fluid. It utilizes a light and compact design and a tunnel is divided into four different areas, which help to guarantee optimal profile cooling and excellent profile microstructure homogenization. The cooling tunnel, which operates by mixing water/air, is designed to control the Continuous Cooling Precipitation (CCP). The quenching unit has excellent cooling efficiency with low power consumption, and the cooling gradient can be continuously and automatically adjusted to reach the ideal cooling curve depending on the specific alloy and the specific profile design, thus maximizing the mechanical properties of the end-product.

Founded in 1978, Indalum is part of Grupo Industrial LM, S.A. de C.V. The company is ISO-9001:2008 certified and manufactures aluminum tubes and profiles for different applications, among which architectural applications with a focus on door and window manufacturers, integral frontage, and other applications employed in the construction industry.



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