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Alugen Aluminium Installs Nitriding System for Extrusion Operation in Turkey

Alugen Aluminium Installs New Nitriding System for Its Aluminum Extrusion Operation in Turkey

Alugen Aluminium, an aluminum extrusion company in Turkey, recently expanded their production capabilities with the addition of a new nitriding system from Nitrex. Bringing a nitriding operation in-house was a strategic decision designed to provide the company with a more cost-effective and high quality nitriding solution.

“Over the years, Alugen has expanded production to meet demand,” said Marcin Stoklosa, project manager at Nitrex Poland. “The addition of a Nitrex system will allow the company to independently control the entire manufacturing process onsite from end-to-end and ensure that extruded products are delivered to the customer faster and with consistent quality.”

Founded in 2012, Alugen is a dynamic extrusion company that produces a wide range of high quality profiles for the construction and other sectors in Europe. The company’s ​​31,500 sq m facility, which includes extrusion, surface treatment, and mechanical processing, is the only business of its kind to operate within Turkey’s European Free Trade Zone.

“Alugen provides mass production extrusion services as well as boutique production to its clients; therefore, Nitrex had to consider the performance benefits of a single system that can handle both custom and mass production requirements,” noted Utku Inan, the sales representative at Nitrex who led the Alugen project. “The multipurpose NXK-612 batch-type furnace was a clear choice.”

The new Nitrex NXK-612 nitriding furnace has a compact footprint, with a work area of 23.5 inches x 47.25 inches (600 x 1200 mm) and a load capacity of 1,700 lbs (800 kg). The turnkey system features Nitreg® potential-controlled gas nitriding and Nitreg®-C potential-controlled gas nitrocarburizing technologies. Process recipes are optimized to improve the performance of aluminum extrusion dies and increase throughput. This also allows Alugen to mix special dies with regular production dies for a faster turnaround of product-specific production plans. In addition, the service life of dies can be extended through periodic nitriding, which helps to control the high heat and impact pressure that dies undergo during extrusion cycles.

“In partnering with Nitrex, we have become self-sufficient from an operational point of view, no longer relying on external contractors to fill this work gap,” said Özcan Sürücü, die shop manager at Alugen. “This allows for more effective planning and ensures that all projects, whether big or small, are done on time and on budget. Moreover, I cannot say enough about the technical support we receive from Nitrex and locally from Uktu Inan towards improving our heat treating and extrusion operations as well as our product quality. We are extremely satisfied with the performance and results of our Nitrex system.”

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