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    Lenox Group Orders New Nitriding System

    The Lenox Group started up a compact-size gas nitriding system for its aluminum extrusion plant in Bulgaria, where it recently expanded its operations with a second extrusion press. Faced with increased production and disappointing nitriding results from third-party processing services, Lenox decided to bring the nitriding operations in-house to improve die reliability through more stringent […]

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    Viva Aluminium Installs a New Nitriding Furnace

    Viva Aluminium Systems, a Vias Group member, installed a new nitriding furnace for the processing of extrusion dies at its facility in Shumen, Bulgaria. With the company experiencing increased demand, it decided to invest in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity. The installation of a new nitriding furnace was a part of a larger expansion […]

  • Youngstown Tool & Die - aluminum extrusion - nitriding

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    Youngstown Tool & Die Continues Expansion with New Nitriding Capacity

    Youngstown Tool & Die (YTD) is continuing the expansion of its operations in Youngstown, Ohio, with the purchase and installation of a new nitriding system. Founded in 1961, YTD was launched with sole purpose of manufacturing of extrusion dies and tooling for the aluminum extrusion industry. Since its inception, the company has embraced the philosophy that […]

  • Alugen Aluminium Installs New Nitriding System for Its Aluminum Extrusion Operation in Turkey

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    Alugen Aluminium Installs Nitriding System for Extrusion Operation in Turkey

    Alugen Aluminium, an aluminum extrusion company in Turkey, recently expanded their production capabilities with the addition of a new nitriding system from Nitrex. Bringing a nitriding operation in-house was a strategic decision designed to provide the company with a more cost-effective and high quality nitriding solution. “Over the years, Alugen has expanded production to meet demand,” said Marcin […]