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Talum to Expand Aluminum Extrusion Billet Production

Hertwich - Talum

Talum d.d., based in Kidričevo, Slovenia, is expanding its aluminum billet production with the order of a new continuous homogenizing furnace and a helical ultrasonic testing unit. The new plant will almost double the homogenizing capacity of the group.

Company Profile

Founded in 1942, Talum started operating a newly built aluminum electrolysis facility in 1954. In the following years, the facility was expanded continuously with modernized production and an expanded product range. One of the most important – and expanding – product lines of the group are aluminum extrusion billets.

Today, the Talum Group ranks among the most important European aluminum companies. In 2016, the company had an annual turnover of around €300 million with a production volume that totaled approximately 147,000 tons. The company also has Research and Innovation Centre in cooperation with external partners through which it develops new products, materials, and technological solutions.

New Homogenizing Capacity

Talum contracted with Hertwich Engineering, part of SMS group, for the order of the new homogenizing furnace. A helical ultrasonic testing station as well as the required handling equipment, magazines, and safety devices are also included in the scope of supply. The company selected Hertwich for this project due to its previous experience with the supplier, when a continuous homogenizing and sawing line was installed in 1996.

The new furnace with a capacity of 40,000 tons per year will be integrated in the existing plant, enabling the company to utilize its existing saw. The product range for the plant includes standard AlMgSi alloys, for which the new continuous homogenizing furnace offers a number of advantages. Compared to a conventional batch furnace, one of the salient features of the continuous process is the fact that each individual billet is heated uniformly and identically. This prevents quality fluctuations within a batch or even across the billet cross-section.

The new homogenizing line will start operation in July 2018.

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