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SNSTech Launches Re-Closable Aluminum Can

SipNShit Aluminum Cans

SNSTech, LLC, a Texas based startup, has developed a re-closable beverage can that’s made of 100% aluminum. The patented SipNShut can is composed of industry standard 5182 aluminum alloy and is fully recyclable. The state-of-the-art design allows beverage consumers to take a previously opened aluminum can with them on the go like they would a plastic bottle without having to worry about spilling.

Before developing the re-closable SipNShut, SNSTech conducted research on 339 randomly selected U.S. adults confirming that consumers want resealable cans (60%) and even more (70%) want a re-closable option. Company executives also collaborated with brands, co-packers, fillers, and consumers to come up with the final product, ensuring that it could be adopted on a widespread basis.  The container is designed to run on standard canning lines at high speeds, allowing fillers to maintain throughput without additional CAPEX.

Bill Brandell, president of SNSTech, said he wanted to make a can that could provide solutions that are convenient and sustainable “The options on the market today are not attractive to fillers, brands, or consumers. They mix plastic and metal, don’t work well on existing canning lines, and are awkward for consumers to open. We focused on fixing all of those issues with SipNShut.”

Besides solving the age old problem of easily spilled beer and soda, the can is designed not only to keep liquids in, but to keep other things out of the drink container. “People want a solution that keeps sand or bees out of their drinks at the beach, while picnicking, or anywhere outdoors. However, that’s simply not practical with open glass bottles or traditional non-reclosable cans,” said Chris Schorre, CMO of SipNShut.

close up SipNShutThe SipNShut’s three piece design incorporates a shutter, lever, and can end. The result is an easy to-open tab that is liquid tight when sealed. The company affirms that it is just as easy to pour and as drinkable (if not more) than a traditional one-use can. Also, for those who may not be as thirsty, the re-closable tab allows drinkers to have some now, and save some for later.

The all-aluminum concept is based on the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of the drawbacks to supporting plastics and this is driving more can use. Schorre said, “In the U.S. market, we continue to see a growing acceptance of cans in the craft beer market but also in categories such as wine, energy drinks, and water.” He expects the trend to continue primarily taking into account the superior sustainability of aluminum cans.

The startup is currently accepting inquiries from brands who wish to be considered for phase one market introduction. SipNShut was introduced to the beverage industry at the BevNet winter show in Santa Monica, California, on December 3rd, 2018. The company predicts that their cans will hit the shelves in the third quarter of 2019.

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