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Magnesium Folding E-Bike is a Strong Choice for Commuters

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The new Fiido X folding e-bike was designed for commuters; it’s small, light weight, sleek and claims to run up to 80 miles on a single charge. The X has a unibody (single piece) aerospace-grade magnesium alloy frame, meaning that the bike’s frame and chassis are made as a single unit. According to the manufacturer, this design should deliver a new level of comfort. Since the X’s frame is made of  magnesium, it weighs only 3 kg and boasts impressive shock resistance and noise reduction.

The e-bike is compact due to its folding frame, which makes it a convenient commuter vehicle even for those living in small city flats. Equipped with the modern torque sensor that measures if and how hard you are pedaling, Fiido X brings an intuitive riding experience to electric bike riders, saving the worry of learning how to use a throttle and the jerky moves associated with a cadence sensor. Additionally, the bike is easy to assemble. With just the pedals to screw in, riders can begin their journey within 5 minutes of unboxing the X.


The X is available with two motor options: a 350W motor for the U.S. and a 250W motor for the EU and U.K., where e-bikes are forced to comply with stricter restrictions. A 417.6 Wh battery is included with the Fiido X regardless of the motor type.

The highest speed and range of the two variants are different, with the 350W version having a top speed of 19.2 miles per hour and a range of 68 miles per charge, and the 250W version having a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour and a range of 80.7 miles. Additionally, the new e-bike comes with an app that enables remote bike tracking and interaction with other Fiido riders. In addition, it comes with a state-of-the-art security system that locks and unlocks with the use of a mobile phone code.

The Fiido X is positioned as a competitively priced option for the daily commute, costing $1,799 for any motor model, including fenders and a kickstand.

Award Winning

The Fiido X won a 2022 IF Design Award due to the fact that it is lightweight and has a concise design with an integrated magnesium alloy forming process to make the frame simpler, as well as its intelligent sensor and control systems. Specifically, connecting the Fiido X with a cellphone via Bluetooth, enables viewing of the data on all of its parts. Furthermore, the high-tech system allows riders to invite people with the same hobby to ride along with them through the social app, post about their riding experience, and even locate their bike.

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