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IRTC – Leading Course on Aluminum Flat Rolling

Hatch IRTC
Delegates that attended the 40th IRTC in San Diego.

In October 2018, Hatch will conduct the 41st International Rolling Technology Course (IRTC) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. IRTC is a world-leading course for the flat rolling process which provides the opportunity for industry professionals to engage in discussion groups, tutorials utilizing advanced process simulation tools, and lectures presented by highly experienced rolling mill experts. This exceptional program fast-tracks new and current workers up the learning curve to improve productivity and problem-solving skills.

The IRTC program, first presented in 1990, has been completed by 1,568 delegates from 215 companies and 45 countries. A diverse cross section of attendees each year (hot/cold rolling, ferrous and non-ferrous) ensures that course graduates leave with contacts for future interaction and can continue expanding knowledge and understanding of rolling techniques. Lectures are presented by Hatch’s Glen Wallace, Ayman Abu-Abed, and Tino Domanti, who collectively have over 80 years of practical and theoretical experience in the design and implementation of control systems, rolling mill models, and mill instrumentation.

Delegates have access to take-home references, tutorials, and practical application studies, including hands-on Leading Course on Aluminum Flat Rolling exposure to a suite of advanced mill simulation and design programs that will support the theoretical concepts and model derivations discussed during the lectures. The course has been extensively used by leading companies in the industry to deepen the knowledge of a wide range of personnel from operations and research veterans through to personnel with new responsibilities near the beginning of their careers. Hatch encourages all mill technologists, managers, and engineers involved in the design, operation, maintenance, and improvement of modern, automated flat product rolling mills to join.

According to previous delegate John Wallace from Butech Bliss, “This is my second IRTC in 15 years—a very powerful course. There is something for everyone (equipment supplier, mill manager, mill operator) with hands-on computer tutorials and discussion groups that help you to understand the various mill processes and control information presented by the very experienced lecturers. It is a great chance to interface with others in the metals industry.”

The 41st International Rolling Technology Course will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from October 15-19. To register or to find out more, visit:

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the June 2018 issue of Light Metal Age. To receive the current issue, please subscribe.

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