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EV Systems to be Explored at the Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures Congress

The Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures (BEVA) Congress USA 2019 — a part of the GALM series of events — will explore development of electric vehicle (EV) architectures from a systems engineering point of view — both in design of brand new platforms and adoption of existing platforms. The focus will be on cutting development costs while maximizing safety and performance through the integration of body structures, battery packs, thermal management systems, and powertrains. The event will explore the use of aluminum in designing EVs through topics such as:

  • OEM perspectives on the use of aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel in battery case housings
  • Best practices for joining aluminum and steel, electrically and structurally
  • Hot forming approaches to enable better use of high strength, but previously hard to use, 7000 series aluminum for body structures
  • The potential of ultrasonic welding for use with aluminum
  • A case study on EV manufacture with aluminum and carbon fiber

The congress agenda is based on extensive research with over 50 OEMs and will feature EV-industry leaders delivering detailed presentations, case studies, and panel discussions on some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. BEVA will take place in the heart of the electric and autonomous vehicle industry, in San Jose, CA, from June 18-20, 2019.

The Program

The program for BEVA 2019 is available online. The conference sessions will present a whole vehicle design perspective, focused on delivering affordability, desirability, range, and performance for the customer. The three-day schedule will include a workshop on chemistry solutions for BEVs, followed by two days of presentations. There will also be an exhibition area where auto part manufacturers and metal suppliers will be presenting their products.

Day one of presentations will focus on the following topics: Innovating EV Platforms and Architectures; Battery Materials and Technologies; Powertrain and Ultracapacitors; and Lightweighting Body Structures and Battery Integration. The sessions will include a presentation on Aluminum’s Role in EV Lightweighting by Mike Tozier, manager of Advanced Product Development at Hydro.

Day two of presentations will focus on: Enhancing EV Safety and Performance; Vehicle and Battery Thermal Management; Electrical and Electronic Architectures; and Design for Assembly and Manufacturing Innovation. This will include a presentation on manufacturing innovation needs to meet body structure evolution.

The OEM and LED expert speaker line-up will include presentations from:

  • Leon Kaunitz, Director of Body, Structural Engineering and Advanced Technology, NIO
  • Fei Xiong, Vice President, Product Engineering, Electric Vehicles, Qiantu Motor
  • James Truskin, Technical Fellow, Body Advanced Architecture, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
  • Lewis Horne, CEO And CTO, Uniti
  • Dana McCarius, Electrical Attribute Engineer, Advanced Vehicle Engineering, ESG Automotive
  • Oliver Kuttner, CEO, Edison2
  • Ahmed Ayoub, Mechatronic Systems Engineer, Electra Meccanica
  • George Johnson, EV Infrastructure Specialist, Chanje

Registration for BEVA 2019 is open.  Group and OEM discounts are available.

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