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Aluminium Two Thousand & ICEB Will Present Aluminum Industry Innovations

© by Petr Slováček, Unsplash

The 12th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress and 7th International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB) will be held on September 19-23, 2023, in Bologna, Italy. The dual event will welcome aluminum companies, universities, and associations from all over the world to present innovative technologies and applications in the aluminum field to a specialized international audience.

The congress aims to analyze all aspects of the aluminum value chain, providing an opportunity to present and listen to lectures from technical and scientific experts, network with international colleagues, and exchange ideas for the improvement of aluminum technology. It will also help customers and suppliers improve their business relationships, enabling them to become stronger as a global aluminum community.

In addition, the ICEB is the biggest event in Europe related to the recent developments on extrusion technology and its analysis by FEM simulation. The 2023 event will maintain its main features — merging technical sessions on the latest advances in the extrusion of light alloys with the Extrusion Benchmark contest, which involves the development of simulation codes for the extrusion process.

Congress Topics

Aluminium Two Thousand is a three-day congress with three parallel sessions entirely dedicated to different subjects, ranging from markets and analysis to foundry, casting, extrusion, anodizing and painting, and more. The organizing committee has released a preliminary list of topics, some of which are as follows:


  • “Hot torsion tests of primary and recycled AA6082 alloys” by S. Di Donato, University of Bologna, Italy
  • “A Modelling Framework for Rapid Evaluation of Speed Limitations during Extrusion of Aluminium Profiles” by M.B. Iddberg, SINTEF Manufacturing, Norway
  • “Proficiency testing of aluminium round tensile specimens” by R. Jayachandran, Hydro Extrusion Expa, Norway
  • “Research on the extrusion of a 6XXX profile intended for crash energy absorption with high copper content” by  P. Korczak, Instytut Metali Nieżelaznych Oddział w Skawinie, Poland
  • “Study on the optimizing strategy for indirect extrusion process based on the online artificial deep learning technology” by J. Qiao, Lanzhou University of Technology, China

Anodizing, Coating, and Surface Treatments

  • “Effect of pretreatment and anodizing parameters on corrosion resistance and optical appearance of anodic films formed on aluminium alloys” by X. Zhou, University of Manchester, UK
  • “Ecobuilding project: covering bulding ecosystems with the use of anodized or coated aluminum frames” by Barbarossa, Qualital Servizi, Italy
  • “Usage of aluminium in the automotive sector: structure, body engine and other parts” L. Vecchi, Italtecno srl, Italy
  • “New Nickel-Free Sealing Processes for Anodized Aluminum: Applications in Architectural, Automotive, Electronics, Organic Dyes and Functional Parts” by Vincenzi Fabio, SurTec International, Germany

Casting & Die Casting

  • “Precipitation behavior and its influence on the elongation of Al-7Si-0.35Mg casting alloy during T5 heat treatment” by Y.H. Cho, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea
  • “The influence of surface segregation on the anodizing of AlSi11Cu2(Fe) alloy diecastings” by G. Scampone, University of Padova, Italy
  • “Efficiency of Contact VS Contact Efficiency” by Y. Mahmoodkhani, Castool Tooling Systems, Canada
  • “Saving Money and Lives By Preventing Molten Metal Explosions” by A.W. Lowery, Wise Chem LLC, U.S.

Aluminum Alloys

  • “Feasibility study of solid-state recycling through direct hot rolling of aluminum chips for automotive applications” by M. Carta, University of Cagliari, DIMCM, Italy
  • “Effect of homogenization cycle on dispersoids precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloy” by S. Gahlyan, Hindalco Industries Limited, India
  • “Effect of Step Aging on the Mechanical Properties of 6082 Aluminium Alloys” by H. Öztürk, TRI Metallurgical Company, Turkey
  • “Influence of gas oven temperature on the microstructure and extrudability of Al-Mg-Si aluminium alloys” by A. Schiffl, Hammerer Aluminium Industries Extrusion GmbH, Germany
  • “Effect of T5 heat treatment on microstructure and impact properties of a secondary die cast aluminum alloy” by C. Soffritti, University of Ferrara, Italy

Markets & Strategy

  • “Decarbonization trend and its impact on aluminium use for E-mobility” by M. Conserva, FACE – Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe, Italy
  • “Market economy in Europe with particular focus in the architectural and automotive markets” by C. Garzia, Supsi, Switzerland
  • “Great new opportunities of energy saving in aluminium industries” by L. Vecchi, Italtecno srl, Italy

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