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April 2022


Extrusion-lined entryway to the new Museum of Modern Aluminum (MoMA) in Nonthabun, Thailand. The museum is a nod to Thailand’s past aluminum industry, while also aiming to showcase the futuristic aspects of the metal’s applications. Extrusions are used inside and outside the building to stunning effect. See article on page 50.


INTEX Reinvents Itself with Major Expansion Projects
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6

Pries Almost Doubles Output with New Extrusion Press
Page 10

The Value Proposition for Lightweighting in Electric Vehicles
By Andrew Halonen
Page 14

Straightening Complex Aluminum Profiles
By Philipp Hettich and Martin Hartlieb
Page 18

Extrusion Industry News & Technology

Advantages of Vacuum Furnace Technologies for Heat Treating Extrusion Dies
By Don Marteeny
Page 24

Digital Certification of Extrusion Dies Based on Simulation
By Nikolay Biba and Ivan Kniazkin
Page 26

A New Agile Management Paradigm to Improve Extrusion Performance
By Mathew Robbins and Sebastian Montoya Isaza
Page 30

Hydro Extrusion Expands Post-Consumer Scrap Recycling in North America
Page 34

Material Selection for Extrusion Tooling – Part III
By Yahya Mahmoodkhani and Paul Robbins
Page 36

How Die Diameter Affects Stress on the Mandrel in Direct Aluminum Extrusion
By Tommaso Pinter
Page 42

Why Anodizing is the Most Sustainable Surface Treatment for Aluminum
By Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 46

Status of the 2021 Extrusion Market [Download PDF]
By Lynn Brown
Page 52

The 73rd Annual AEC Meeting
Page 54

The Importance of General Housekeeping in Achieving Workplace Safety
By Alex Lowery
Page 56

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