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October 2021


A magnetic stirring system installed within the double-chamber melting furnace at ABC Aluminum Solutions in Tijuana, Mexico. The company recently started operation of its new remelt and casting operation, which provides safe and environmentally friendly recycling of various scrap grades for the production of high quality billet. This billet is supplied  to its nearby extrusion facility. See story on page 6.


ABC Reshapes Its Manufacturing Landscape with New Billet Casting Capabilities
By Andrea Svendsen
Page 6

Aluminum Extrusions Prove Superior in Bumper Systems
By Andrew Halonen
Page 14

Development of Extruded Battery Enclosures for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles
By Z. Li, et al.
Page 18

Addressing Aluminum Melt Quality – Part I: Methods of Analyzing Alloy Composition and Inclusions
By John Grandfield and Corleen Chesonis
Page 20

The Effect of Die Design on Billet Skin Contamination
By Tommaso Pinter
Page 26

Material Selection for Extrusion Tooling: Maximum Longevity, Improved Productivity, and Lower Cost
By Yahya Mahmoodkhani and Paul Robbins
Page 30

Common Surface Defects on Anodized Aluminum and How to Avoid Them
By Dr. Anne Deacon Juhl
Page 34

Aluminum Steers Automakers in the Right Direction
Page 38

Preventing Amputations in Aluminum Manufacturing
By Alex Lowery
Page 42

Auto Supplier Installs Closed-Die Forging Line
Page 43

Press Maintenance Manual Becomes a Living Document in Online Format
Page 44

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