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Emission-Free Forklift Helps to Green the Aluminum Industry

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Materials handling specialist Combilift, headquartered in Monaghan, Ireland, has launched its latest product, the Combi-XLE, adding to its wide range of electric models. In line with the growing demand for electric powered equipment, this multidirectional forklift with up to 5-ton (10,000 lb) lift capacity has the ability to handle long loads, such as aluminum extrusions. Furthermore, the emission-free Combi-XLE’s can help aluminum companies lower their carbon footprint.

The new forklift addresses the requirements of tough working environments and can be used safely indoors or outside. With features such as high ground clearance, large cushioned front and rear tires and a spacious cab, the XLE allows smooth operation on semi-rough terrain while at the same time offering a high level of driver comfort.

The XLE, like other Combilift products gives aluminum companies the ability to increase storage capacity without expanding the size of a facility, resulting in lower energy usage and associated costs, such as heating, lighting, and maintenance. Moreover, the fact that the forklifts can be used inside and out, will help reduce fleet sizes, therefore further reducing carbon footprints. There are also peace-of-mind benefits, as forklift drivers, employees and visitors on site will appreciate the quiet operation, as will neighboring residents and businesses, particularly in urban areas.

“The technology we have incorporated into the Combi-XLE means that its performance is equally on a par with diesel or LPG powered forklifts when it comes to handling very bulky and heavy loads, whilst of course offering a greener operation,” said Martin McVicar, CEO and co-founder of Combilift. “We made our first electric C-Series over 18yrs ago, and now over 60% of the trucks we manufacture are electric, with availability in almost all models across our range. As more and more of our customers are opting for electric power it is obvious that they are as committed to sustainability and a circular economy as we are.”

Commitment to Sustainability

All Combilift’s material handling solutions have sustainability at their core, designed to maximize efficiency and storage capacity while improving safety. Part of the company’s ethos is to help customers increase storage without the need to expand the size of their facility. They even offer a free warehouse consultancy service to aid customers in gaining extra storage capacity and maximize workflow efficiency using existing warehouse space.

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