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    Beercan Boards Introduces Extruded Skateboard Made from Recycled Aluminum

    Beercan Boards of Douglas, Georgia, manufacture customized skateboards from recycled aluminum extrusions. Joel Rawlins, the owner and creator of Beercan Boards said he woke up one day with the idea of an aluminum board with an adjustable wheel base (trucks). The recycled aluminum in the board comes from two sources: Elixir Industries, Inc. in Georgia, […]

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    Fresher Coffee in Aluminum Cans

    With the influx of boutique and craft coffee available on every corner, customer tastes have been expanding into a slew of ever more adventurous options for their daily caffeine fix. Coffee drinkers have been seeking cold espresso drinks and brews. Whether for convenience or for the super power energy charge, the cold brew satisfies those […]

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    Constellium Supplies Aluminum for BMW X4 and X5

    On February 5th, Constellium announced that it is supplying BMW with aluminum structural components for the new X model sports activity vehicles, X4 and X5.  The aluminum parts will be supplied from Constellium’s White, Georgia plant, which opened in 2017 to serve automakers in the Southeast U.S. Constellium has been a partner of BMW Group […]

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    Liberty Completes Purchase of the Aluminium Dunkerque Smelter

    GFG Alliance (owned by Sanjeev Gupta) completed its purchase of Aluminium Dunkerque, Europe’s largest aluminum smelter, from Rio Tinto for around US$500 million. GFG aims to make the smelter – to be renamed Liberty Aluminium Dunkerque – a foundation for a wider integrated manufacturing business serving the French and European markets. The acquisition paves the way for a downstream […]

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    Aluminum All Around in Toyota’s 2020 Supra A90 Sportscar

    The 2020 Toyota Supra A90 — the first edition of the sports car in 21 years —will hit the streets in 2019 with a mixed-material body design involving a number of aluminum parts. The A90 is the fifth generation of Supra, and its rear wheel drive design provides a low center of gravity and 50:50 weight […]

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    Innoval’s Third Aluminum Automotive Sheet Training Course

    Following the success of its two courses held last year, Innoval Technology has announced a new “Aluminium Automotive Sheet Training Course,” which will be held April 9-11, 2019 at the Innoval offices in Banbury, U.K. The two and-a-half day course  is specifically designed for companies new to making or using aluminum automotive sheet, helping delegates […]

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    Aluminum Association Releases Molten Aluminum Transportation Guidelines

    According to the Aluminum Association, with smelters curtailing production in the U.S., over-the-road transportation of molten aluminum has increased. Many aluminum companies have realized the benefits of receiving molten aluminum that has been delivered efficiently and safely straight to their door. Every day molten aluminum is being delivered in America. With the molten aluminum typically […]

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    New Partnership Offers Refractory Support in Europe

    The Plibrico Company and the Pli Group Europe GmbH have partnered to supply monolithic refractory materials and services in Europe. This collaboration between manufacturer and distributor allows more than ten European countries access to Plibrico made refractory materials and services. “Adding Pli Group Europe GmbH to our ranks of PliPartners allows Plibrico to reinforce its […]