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    Champion for Better Extrusion: Interview with Paul Robbins, Castool

    Castool Tooling Solutions is a well known company in the business of supplying extrusion tooling sytems. Paul Robbins, president of Castool, has always been hands-on with the business and what it offers extruders. With a competitive streak that runs through his personal and business life, Robbins is constantly improving tooling technology at Castool so that […]

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    Book Review: Updated Aluminum Statistical Review Highlights Industry Trends

    2014 Aluminum Statistical Review Publisher: Aluminum Association Reviewed by Ryan Olsen, Aluminum Association The annual Aluminum Statistical Review is one of the industry’s longest-running and most essential publications. Published since the early 1960s, theStatistical Review provides a plethora of valuable industry data in one convenient package. In addition to a 20-page summary document highlighting top-level […]