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    Hydro Partners with Mercedes-Benz to Reduce the CO2 in Vehicles

    Hydro and Mercedes-Benz are working on a joint technology roadmap to develop aluminum solutions approved for automotive applications with a CO2 footprint below 3.0 kgCO2/kg Al. The mutual ambition is to approach near-zero aluminum by 2030. Hydro has been supplying Mercedes-Benz with aluminum components for many years, and the aluminum supplier will deliver its first […]

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    New Mercedes EQE Features Aluminum Sheet & Extrusions

    The Mercedes-AMG EQE sedan is the latest edition to the OEM’s growing portfolio of battery-electric performance models. The EQE is based on the electric-exclusive Mercedes architecture of the luxury and premium class (EVA2). The new EQE offers a performance-oriented drive concept with two electric motors. The powerful electric drivetrain (eATS), with a motor on each […]

  • EDAG - 3D printed automotive aluminum component

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    EDAG Develops Aluminum Alloy for Mass Production of 3D-Printed Vehicle Components

    EDAG Group in Germany,  together with eight project partners, has developed an aluminum alloy for the 3D printing of automotive components. The alloy was designed to provide higher strength and elongation at the breaking point — which is especially important in the event of a crash. Additive production has huge potential for revolutionizing the production of automotive […]

  • Constellium (crashbox production)

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    ARTICLE: Constellium’s Automotive Structures Adapt to Automaker Specifications

    Automotive is a key pillar of Constellium’s overall strategy, accounting for 24% of the company’s sales in 2018 with further growth expected in the near future. This growth is reflected in the company’s recent investments in its global Automotive Structures business unit, with two new plants in Mexico and Slovakia. These new facilities enable the […]

  • Mercedes-AMG CLS

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    Constellium Supplies Aluminum Auto Body Sheet for New Mercedes-Benz CLS

    Constellium N.V. announced that it will be the primary supplier of aluminum auto body sheet for the new Mercedes-Benz CLS model, which entered the market in March 2018. The body shell of the CLS is designed to provide reduced weight and excellent rigidity along with good noise and vibration comfort and a high level of […]

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    CIKONI Develops Lightweight Aluminum and CRP Shelves for Mercedes-Benz

    Mercedes-Benz Vans presented a revolutionary transporter concept study for urban areas in 2016 with the Vision Van. The van integrates a number of innovative technologies for the final end-point deliveries of products — even using on board drones for the final stretch of the delivery. The van features lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CRP) and […]

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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    Mercedes-Benz to Add Aluminum to the Next Generation C-Class

    Mercedes-Benz announced that it will likely use aluminum and new advanced joining processes to shed weight in the next generation of its C-Class vehicles. The incorporation of aluminum components would make the vehicle lighter than the model, which will contribute to improved performance and fuel economy. The announcement came during a recent Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminar, at which […]